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Mammo on guys again for singing with me here on the podcast third side but now it's got done talking about the nfl season talked about what i felt teams going through with training and mark predictions with that f. l. season with each division on my thought. The buffalo bills were going to win their division and then with the ravens browns. Were probably going to be one too in that division. After that this all titans and their division. Next up you have the casey chiefs and datavision then vivid onto the fcc you have you have or the nfc you have the wassim weather redskins positive when at ease then addison. North added green bay packers. He south ahead in tampa. Bay buccaneers nfc west. I had the seattle seahawks so again Afc east buffalo bills fc north. Probably go baltimore ravens. Afc south tennessee. Titans afc Kency chiefs and then again. Se's whilst the redskins seen north green bay packers though in south seattle or new orleans saints were to a south tampa bay both as you west seattle seahawks. That's enough with that. Let's get into where you know messy is going so without without Talk about where messy is going to talk about Y messy Monthly partha so With this Messy eight hundred tap festival games. Six hundred eighty three goals. Ten league titles Seven a couple of del ray. Four champions league crowns in three on fiba world cups for a messy bertha's saving on thursday peers sleep. No doubt right right down to the headline on the club's website. No messy not saying. i've see barcelona. That's arguably the greatest seal club career of any player ever has come to an end With this and looking at the headline on there And clears a on birth. Row website says lionel messi not saying f c barcelona so With this and talk about what kind of went into this Despite se barcelona in leo messi. I'm having reached agreement and the clear intention of both parties on new contract. This cannot happen because of the spanish as a little leaguer. Our regulations on player restrictions and as a result of this situation. Message shall not be staying. I see barcelona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of the player at the club will ultimately not be filled. The barcelona wholeheartedly expresses. It's a gratitude to the player for his contribution to the club wasn't him all the very best in the future that was in the article on f c barcelona website certainly sad article the read. If you're bhosle on a fan obviously massey's one of the best players Played a game soccer and in the time of sport every now obviously when you look at soccer world over nado a messy you know you have sore as neymar kevin. Debroy the harry kane. Paul pau bob a listen go on and on here and really an era where we're just so spoiled with so much talent that we don't really take him for granted you know the hard work some of these guys put in day in day out and we look at macy's career in the long term that barcelona sternly been enjoyable to watch Seeing him play with a neymar sore as when swore name are so parcel. Were certainly a time to the quite the time to be alive but overall all we know for certain right now that according to barcelona the club on is unable to register the contract. You suspense league rules on the player. Registration despite having recent agreement for new five year deal with messy. They did not go into specifics. But it's safe to assume that they're referring to elitist version of the salary cap which limits spending on wages and players are player accusations costs based on projected club revenue in costs and since barcelona are in dire financial financial us rats with more than a billion dollars of debt Of which as much as eight hundred million described as short term. Macy's new contract won't get the green light which means he will be so. That's one the mysteries here. Especially since he spend nine point six million on emerson from real of bts and also made three free agent signings in memphis the dapa from lehman sergio guerrero and eric garcia from entering the city and the to i come of would-be salaries. The obvious question is immense it. Messy was your priority and he obviously was for martha. Why would you commit around five million dollars wages in the emerson fee to sign those four other players if it was going to put you out put you over salary cap. That's why plenty are speculating. There's something else foot. He so without being said who the absolute barcelona's winnowed salary the salary cap so to say if we're talking about this in basketball terms or whatever the actually Just went salary cap because they sign too many players and they pretty much. This thought that they're messy along these players but according to the rules and lollygag that kid be done and that's why the contract campy done in dos by messy is gonna leave so some reports are suggesting that there are there are there was a last minute. Hitch in domestic deal. Turn to the commission's to be paid in that. He wasn't entirely happy with some of the clubs. Transfer will transfer dealings of this summer. Even though they did sign is buddy team made a rarer and because the club could never blame messy. They're blaming while biggest rules instead on there may be some truth in that but a a much more plausible explanation may be the tense relationship with alita and that its power play between bars. Bars president john laporta and illegals boss of jive ear T bus and one word to describe this. All is this control. Birth zona are along with reality rate and you antennas one of the only three clubs who had not dropped out of the super league and in fact are taking legal actions to pressure to push this case also going way back to my lay. Podcast war taught about you. Know the super league and the fact that it was ruining soccer in that The higher-ups for this case in real madrid events isn't barsa. Those higher ups wanted to make sure that They create a more money around the super league and booth. Minnesota fats game was for to fans Tebas says you expect is dead set against the super league as he believes it would hurt the competitive balance of alita. Perhaps more than that is the deal. tv's struck of with a private equity firm cvc capital partners which would see the league receive a cash infusion of around two billion dollars in return of ten percent of revenue of future revenues and a ten percent stake in the form commercial company. Bertha like rounded. Who maybe not a could could Could i can't say that word issued their own statement of laminating. The deal on thursday are dead set against the cvc remain so overall. Barcelona's is a huge stick and mud. Right now resign messy and because of that. They side way too many players for their team and gave them too much money to the point where is could have paid mazzy now other teams are going to have a chance to sign messy and the team that has rumored sign messy. It's pse pc's working on a signing the no messy following the shock of exiting barcelona. So looking at this team now and seeing a what essentially could happen on with a team of messi neymar imbaba bay man. Oh man this is going to be. This is going to be something that if it happens than oh my god..

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