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Trojan condoms are the number one most trusted brand in the game. They have the reliability of a brand. That's done this for over a century. It's all about what feels right for you. So head on over to amazon and grab a box of trojan condoms and maybe that second box. You've been wanting to try out. Hello the internet and welcome to this. Episode of short sighted. Courtesy of the discord. It is a play on shortsighted which i am. Shut up to my left side only shortsighted. Also i'm jack. Miles this is what's trending A message to you miles rudy is. Yeah he he is messing around to say the least stop it and he found out that you can get covid. Nineteen by not wearing a mask and being graded picking of his future know exactly. The specials would be very disappointed But you know fucked around and found out Was thinking of your future. Even his son got it like last month. I remember his son got it. I think who is the kid who made his inauguration world famous in the night. Whoa yeah the chris farley played he got it so i think it's only a matter of time but i think you know not that it's like oh great rudy. Guide cove it. It's just like all the things he's been doing the last week. He's been in like packed fucking hearings with people in michigan. I think most famously. When he had that whole you know carnival of of liars proceed to give testimony. There's also a time if in michigan also this is a kind of a small clip where he was sitting next to someone who has like helping be like a witness to like you know. It fuck arri. And he asked when she's giving testimony to take her mask off and like knowing now that he's tested positive. It's like your so fucked up. I'm just going to play a little bit of it because the situation is so odd given that it has nothing to do with what the testimony is in. Just some weird play. Twenty three satellite locations. You can go to any of.

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