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Her classes and stuff and you know that weird thing when you're when you're young like when you're out of school and it's like the you don't even go here thing you know what i mean like. They didn't i didn't make friends with any of her friends simply because i didn't go there decision. You guys know a thing or did that just happen to me. Talk about fitting in just didn't fit in though that attracts i can understand weird attitudes right right anyway. I didn't submit your heart. Wrenching poem to get into was in late collective house or whatever they right. Yeah hipster house. Yeah no that's where they all live. They live hipster house. Yeah yeah yeah when walk. Show their once. Okay yeah and then. I moved back to la after a few months. Got into cal arts for jazz drums and went there for a year and then dropped out to go on tour. And that's pretty much what i've been doing ever since this was i'm i'm almost thirty eight so this was like yeah like eighteen eighteen years ago and can you name drop some of the people that you've played drums for because it's quite the list. Oh yeah sure. I'll start you off. Fiona apple yes fiona apple katie laying chrissie hinde from the pretenders raila. Montaigne did already say that. Now elvis costello. Wow jenny lewis o. K. body goosebumps just the name. Yeah a her her record acid tongue. I'm playing drums on that. And i toured that whole record cycle with really that show. Yeah well that was playing drums. Cool wall kurt. Vile inara george from the burden the b. n. salmon icing with the food fight. That's all my drums stuff but salmon nihar gig has been singing backgrounds for the foo fighters for the past couple of years And you had a band with your brother the belgrade yes great music. Thank you love it. Thank you tell us about that. Oh we When he i'm i'm i'm about six years older than him when i was twenty five and he was like nineteen i had. I had the band. And i had written all the songs and then he graduated from high school. And he's so amazing and I was just like wanna do this together. And he was like he s and started writing songs together and got really lucky. Got signed to warner brothers. Got a huge budget for our first record recorded at capitol records Total dream come true and then toured for toured it forever hardcore hardcore van tours like no sleep like scary.

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