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She went on from there all Ankara and still broke in that second set and was serving for the match was six four five full. She says the man and she got fifteen. Love three points away yes. She kept having these sort of crises. And you're thinking what it's over. She's lost her. She's kind of lost her mind but then she would recover herself which actually made it all the more extraordinary that she didn't go on to win this match because she seemed to get over the emotional problems that she was having an recover her tennis. And then something else would happen. but I think also graphs reaction to that whole incident at the start of the second set is interesting because she did not simply raise her game. He started punching holes a lot more holes in defenses and I think she said off towards that was the moment I knew. She was so fixated on this one point. I knew that she wasn't mentally seeing the big picture and focused and that was one of the moments where I knew I had. I knew I had back into the match. She she up to power noticeably in that period from five four down and she she ended up reeling. Three games in a row off to win that set and then when the next one. That's four games in a row and then there was that massive toilet break that Hingis took down in in the third set. She goes off the court. For what seven minutes? And she comes back with a completely new hairstyle to boos and whistles from the French crowd. It was like stalls in there is she. She emerged from the looking like from person tonight. I'm going to have her aim like she needed to be different. After a game if the The third set unfortunately the just like on stars in the rise oh broadcast cutout the actual period of transformation So we were unable to see how how growth is dealing with that period. The time she came back I looked like was really composed about it. And I'm thinking lemon AC. I wouldn't be that'd be losing over this. But maybe maybe she was while it was happening as she came back with her hair and a completely different style. New scrunchy Utah at completely new outfits. She looked like she'd had a shower. She looked really fresh and then She's she's booed and whistled back onto the. She's taking her sweet time. It's not a it's not a brisk walk. It's more of a sort of lawler up but to the chair. And then she she has to to go and serve and instead of making her way swiftly to the service line she stops halfway to to put some clips in our hair. Almost as much as you know the end of the match. It was very clear how how distressing it was for the crowder against her. And this mcenery comments this at the time and she's doing the clips is she says he says it's like back if there's if there's anybody left in the ground that hasn't turned against to yet she's trying to make sure she turns them against her as well. It seemed at the time that she didn't if to thirds but later it seemed that were given and she gave it was pretty hard paste tennis. She then played. Grass was a runaway train. She did have one bright back but really graph just stick celebrated away from that point and Hingis was was really erotic. She started missing. She was step slow to every ball but the drama was Novi it when they got to match point five two for Graf Hingis serving match points down. She throws in an underarm serve almost for night. Great the job says it was Michael. Chang would have been proud of that. I mean that Zogheb even better than his vasan massively under spun underarm serve that just went sideways when it bounced and and one of the point and the crowd just could not handle in fact when she hit the serve while the rally was going on they started building and whistling and then intensified when she won the point because they felt like she was just trawling Steffi Graf. They thought she's disrespecting this great champion. We saw now reaction from graph at that point things. Carry on there. There's another matchpoint. There's another saved a match. Point has a chance then she guys match point down again and then she hits another drums which she she didn't win. The points in and booing starts again. Hingis goes in has been out with the umpire. I think about a line coal and then Graf lost it in graph comes to the Empire's chair and says. Can we just play tennis up? A think will hingis approach. The umpire about was the fact the as she was going to hit the serve they still booing and jeering oversea. The crab runs whether she was going to serve again and she did but I think king is felt that. She thought that I shouldn't have counted because I mean it was. It was rule casse at the moment. She hit that serve. Yeah I as they were kind of doing Already before she served and then she served and underarm of which was pictures of really bad one was out and then she had the confrontation with umpire. She was icon. He will bring me. She climbed into my breath. Well that was happening. And and that's when Graf kind I have words with Inga's and just say can we play a and this is at match point next point. She's one of the mental. So I mean. I don't think I've ever seen that before where a player loses a temper with an opponent and then the next point. She's celebrating having won her twenty second that her final Grand Slam tournaments career so she erupts in celebrations Hingis suddenly the emotion of it all overwhelmed her and the the intense and she starts to cry and she just puts her bag on a shelter and walks off in a health as if she's not going to take any part in the presentation you can you can have your French Open title Steffi you can you can lump it all of you. I'm off and she was just stomps off the court and the next thing they go for a break and Steffi's all happy and they setting up the massive podium. That's now replaced the trophy ceremony in the crowd which is and then after the cash will break Martina. Hingis comes back out onto the court with her mother. Her mother Melanie Molitor. Who's also head coach? Who has her arm around her? And she's almost carrying around to the Colt who whilst Chingiz salting and looking as if she can't really take this this whole situation they then have the presentation to Steffi Graf. I is the champion which is a funny look to us now. Isn't it because that doesn't happen these days? It's always the runner up first. And then the champion but it that way around and then. Hingis just still. Can't bring yourself to be magnanimous about any of it. She's just she's just sort of every everything that happens is greeted graphs graphs. Says you know you're going to win. One of these one day she gives us sort of whatever OECD something that Steffi Growth Christopher Murray gorilla that. We're going to hear from the that they didn't they? Were all saying you're going to win one of these. I think Steph. She said don't worry about it. We'll the cameron's a great job at this point. Is that both in short. Steffi sort of slightly obscuring crippled face if Martina Hingis and she just does this. I this this not quite an Iro but just enough if a face when when Steffi Graf says that when when Steffi's given the microphone she goes to to try and handed over to to Hingis to speak first and Hingis doesn't even verbally reply..

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