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Boy, I had a fantastic time. I couldn't have had more fun and met more wonderful people and had a better time commented afterwards, if I resigned to leave the US, I think I'll move to Australia v people were fabulous. It was great. So by the way, I flew Qantas on their seven forty seven and. And I was just such a great experience. I was in the premium economy section, which is you know, three down if you will from the boats, expensive and it worked out great. I had to empty seats next to me both ways I slept reasonably well in both directions and from jet lag standpoint. Yeah, I felt a little tired one day when I got there. But that was about it. So it was really pretty easy travel for thirteen and a half hour flight I did fly with the four different pilots and their aircraft for the Sears pilot proficiency event that was held there. In orange New South Wales about four hours drive west of Sydney, and after that, I spent a couple of days in Sydney with friends, and it just had a great time writing the ferries around the city looking at all the different sites that after that, I drove down two hours for two days about four hours south toward Pebble Beach, which is a national park and just kind of hung out and recuperated a little bit writing a lot of fun. But I gotta say I had. Invitations from multiple people saying here, come see me here. And I'll take you flying in my helicopter, come here. I'll take you flying in my pits come here. And you know, we'll go out on my boat. Just so many offers from really kind wonderful people that it it gave me the most possible favorable impression that that you could have. So I only saw just a tiny tiny tiny part of the country. But I'm anxious to go back there again sometime, but when I got back here, I found that the San Francisco Bay area as the worst air quality of anywhere in the world. And it's been that way for over a week. Now, I've only been back home now about four days, but for the weekend was gone. We've been running visibilities of three miles in less. In fact, at my home airport, visibility has not been better than two miles since I got back. It's been running one and a half to two miles, and that's just because of heavy particular matter from the campfire blowing into our area. Now, the campfire I haven't met. Should it? But I'm sure it's more than a hundred miles away a line of sight. But that's how have we the smoke is one hundred miles down wind of visibility is just absolutely awful. And I found a interesting resource mentioned to people if you go out to purple air dot com. So the color purple.

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