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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. Police in Hong Kong are using tear gas and rubber bullets on demonstrators today. NPR's rob Schmitz, reports there were ongoing protests over a proposed extradition, Bill chanting block. The Bill thousands of mostly young protesters, many wearing surgical masks and goggles to hide their identities and protect against pepper spray surrounded the city's legislative center. It is a fresh display of defiance against the contentious Bill that would make it possible for the government of China to extradite. Hong Kong, citizens of Bill that spurred hundreds of thousands of residents to March the city on Sunday because protesters managed to surround the legislative council building, the hearing of the extradition Bill has been delayed NPR's, rob Schmitz reporting Moscow police say they detained more than two hundred demonstrators today protesting police abuse this comes after police dropped charges against a Russian journalist, Matthew Bodmer reports from Moscow emboldened, by the swift and unexpected turnaround in the states. Attitude towards Russian investigative journalists von balloon of arrested last week on drug trafficking charges. Concerned citizens took to the streets of Moscow to March on the city's police headquarters, but some things never change Moscow police set up a barricade between the protesters position and their headquarters when the March ran into the police lines arrests began by the dozens the crackdown on the March suggests that the Kremlin does not entirely know how to manage the situation protests attitudes among some are high as evidenced by today's March, but the Kremlin requires the support of the police to maintain power as approval ratings continue to fall for NPR news. I'm Matthew Bodmer in Moscow. The house oversight committee is expected to vote today to recommend that attorney general William bar, and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross be held in contempt Democrats are seeking information about a citizenship question for the twenty twenty senses, the White House is threatening to withhold census documents from congress, unless the oversight committee drops its efforts, the citizenship question is also before the. US supreme court. Donald Trump junior will testify privately today to the Senate intelligence committee. He appeared in two thousand seventeen but after inconsistency surfaced he refused to return and the committee issued a subpoena. NPR's Tim Mack reports he changed his mind at the top of the agenda will be two major topics regarding the twenty sixteen campaign. I the extent to which Donald Trump junior was aware about the Trump Tower Moscow project that was being negotiated as his father ran for president and second his participation in a June. Twenty sixteen meeting when he hosted a Russian delegation offering quote, dirt on Hillary Clinton. The president son previously played down knowledge of the potential Trump Tower Moscow project, but Michael Cohen, testified earlier this year, that he repeatedly briefed Trump junior on that project last month after a subpoena was issued by the committee, Trump junior negotiated a deal in which she agreed to be questioned for four hours, Tim Mack, NPR news, Washington. This is NPR news. From K, Q, E, D news. Good morning. I'm Brian watt. Prosecutors are seeking more than a year in prison for the former Stanford sailing coach who admitted to participating in the sweeping college admissions bribery scheme. John van damore is set to be sentenced today in federal court. He's the first defendant to be sentenced in the case. That's in snared, parents and coaches at elite universities across the country. Van damore pleaded guilty in March two taking money for the school sailing program in exchange for labeling perspective, students as team recruits, his lawyers are seeking probation noting. He didn't pocket any of the money for himself. Prosecutors say a quote meaningful prison sentence is the only way to begin restoring confidence in the college admission system. A new report from the city of Sabah poll is pointing a finger at the management of a local shopping centre for failing to adequately. Respond to last. Winter's flooding. The report concludes the center. Management ignored a carefully laid out emergency plan to prevent the disastrous flooding of two dozen upscale shops in February city manager Larry McLaughlin, says the plan involves the installation of interlocking flood barriers. Well, looks like however was that they were not timely installed and not properly installed in some cases not installed at all the owner of the center. Barney Aldridge says the report has some inaccuracies. He says his staff, followed the plan and will now make changes to it to be better prepared at six twenty two rethinking rebuilding after a wildfire. I'm Brian watt. Catty.

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