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Will people listen? CBS two's Laurie Powers talked to some cyclists who say just a simple reminder of the closures is enough. Honestly, wasn't notified enough better close. I mean, there's still so many people biking here. They need more coverage on that. To be honest, we're just gonna like bike in her own neighborhood, I guess Wed. So much to explore. This is definitely not a priority. If there is enforcement, it'll likely just be someone telling you. The beach is closed, but it actually is considered trespassing. You could face up to $1000 in Santa Monica and Venice officials say that complying with closure orders will be largely voluntary. Many peaches in Santa Barbara and Orange counties are also closed. San Diego beaches, though, do remain open. City of Riverside Police, firefighters and code enforcement officers confiscated about £170 of fireworks last night, and they're expecting an even bigger hole tonight. The city's fireworks enforcement team responded to 134 calls for service related to fireworks on Friday, issuing 21 citations. All fireworks are illegally in Riverside. The fines begin at $1000. That's the beginning. Evacuation orders have been lifted on a major mountain road reopened as firefighters make more progress against a brush fire that has burned about 100 acres near running springs in the San Bernardino National Forest. And that has been a big relief to many people who have been trying to decide whether to leave their homes after the fire broke out yesterday near the Old City Creek Road and the Highway 3 30 I wasn't sure if I should start packing up. CBS two's Geoff Yuen says the situation had looked pretty dicey for quite a while, but fire crews mounted a big attack on the flames as they tried to make sure everybody in.

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