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Krueger look at the headlines as the 40 enters get ready to take on the Buffalo Bills on Monday night football, But it will be from Arizona and not Levi Stadium before donors have 49 wins on Monday night football. It's tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most in NFL history. The Niners promoted safety kind Nakoula. Today off their practice squad. They activated. DG Jones, Jordan Wilson. Brendan I, You've officially off the covert 19 list of the members are getting better Couple of the NFL notes Steelers outside backer but to pre done for the year, sadly tears his A. C l in that game yesterday against the Ravens, Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon is we just discussed I've been reinstated by the National Football League Thursday night College football. LA Attack in North Texas locked up in a good one lot, check up 21 14. That's a second quarter score Air Force in John Lund's Utah State squad. Battle of 6 30 Air Force a 13 point favorite Lakers locked up LeBron and Anthony Games today. LeBron gets two years in 85 million Anthony Davis, five years and 1 90. One other baseball note. The ayes have named Mark Hot, say their third base coach. Giants tenders contracts to Danny Solano and raise Maranto. The non tender Daniel Robertson, Tyler Anderson, Melvin Don't Chadwick Trump, Enrico Garcia. Giants also signed Darren Rough, Wandy Peralta, Trevor Trevor got In addition to Austin Slater, Alex Dickerson and Harlan Garcia. A couple of the baseball knows Domingo Santana Science to play in Japan and the Yankees are showing strong interest in Astros Create an outfielder Michael Brantly, those your half past.

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