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Dictate good. I can't misbah. You can get on twitter. Facebook lincoln bio swipe up. Find out. why yeah. So that's a. That's that's tough. How many kids are there was The time my grandmother left there was eight kids. The youngest was a year and a half. And so your mom had to just figure out some way to come over by yourself. How was she. She was seven or eight when she came to this country. Now now did everybody the story of how she came. You know she your mom okay. She They obviously paid someone to bring her over but she came across the border in the trunk of a car crazy. Especially the way you soup to that accident when you say in the trunk of a car trunk of a car. Your mom came over illegally and jala wasn't before she attempted to become a citizen. She became a citizen when she was twenty. Two i think. Because i was i was. I remember it happening. So yeah i like twenty two or twenty three. And how many american jobs did she take between then well. She had a seven year old american kids job. I mean american. Seven euros could've worked took their job. They gave a lot of Amnesty is what the. Think right to salvadorian Citizens because of the civil war that was going on at the time. What year was that in the year. The civil war. They were doing the amnesty you know. I'm not sure there was a shot. I know shocking number. I think they said a third of el salvadorians live in the united states in washington. Dc a lot of them because my dog walker was from el salvadoran. She would tell me. The amount of el salvadorians here is shocking. The el salvadorian. Civil war lasted from october. Fifteenth nineteen seventy nine to january of nineteen ninety. Two it's a hell of a war lasted thirty years. Good lord because of that. War is how Ms thirteen came out like it came to be was because of the civil war. Well something good came something. That's how we ended up with The peanut now you know story can remember when it was just m. ms nine great things come out of a beautiful country will solve your thirteen campus. There he co world like to go visit. The salvator isn't that what it means the salvador. Yes the salvador's Their beaches are beautiful. Beautiful my dad has a house out there and it's really nice and he has like people that clean and cook and stuff. What's back about seven bucks a year at the house. Thirteen dollars an must be cheap. Because he has a house there and he has a house in honduras. Also it's the best kept vacation secret. Just getting housing el-salvador a rob somebody just said Share funny is not on. It's been ads for fifteen minutes and did the same thing yesterday. Just got that message commercial simulcast. Who is that. that's not. That's you're you're the one you don't have anything to do with. Yeah was her name. Sylvia yeah the the the yes. She's pretty yeah. She was always the girly girl of the family. Like my mom says she would be running around without shoes on and her clothes all dirty but my aunt would have her Socks folded over and her dress was all pleaded and she would just say at watching the rest of the kids acting all crazy like they had no sense as any piercings or anything her belly button pierced but then when she became a jehovah's witness she took it out okay so no no nipple bars that little left turn piercings. I mean a lot of times when they're all prim and proper like that you know to the outside then when they you know they go crazy when they're in their private time you know look at the What's the name coamo. The pierced nipples governor cuomo. Yeah he's he's a great example guys with pearson ables not q. Even if they're in their sixties wrinkle leo's nubile piercings. Anybody my brother did that. Stop own nipple. Why does ice cube on the nipple running needle throw it. I don't know. I didn't want to know the details. He was bored when he was in his twenties. He did it. And i guess that's better than pearson somebody else's nipples it's funny. It's meant to be share. This is the sheriff. Funny podcast from the case in tj family. Hey miss any part of sheer funny subscribe to the podcast on all major podcast platforms more share funny coming up. Hey funny you'll share the tj family presents the share. Funny podcast from the as tj. Show you miss any part of share funding like the first fifteen minutes but adds that part so yeah some some people said that's what they were hearing another said. No it's like a bunch of crazy is it s that whole internet world. That's why i don't think there's internet's going to last. Well it's a fad phase. We've got another upgrade coming up tomorrow or today rob today today. Yeah got to be up here today to meet the service and people and then one in two weeks. We'll have the finest internet you can have. We'll have video and it'd be like popeye being being all over the place to find his internet. You can have in mooresville oaten. You won't see. I wanna know frustration and Confusion is if you were in here. Whenever i'm here the one to meet the service people to come for internet and all of that and they start asking me questions about this. And that and i go i. I have no idea how was supposed to be here on locker door and say.

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