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Because i'm like i right notify also the pressure on the clay diminished ration coming from both with in that is the rule been bob rule been weighing they apenas creation which i i i did fight as hard as i could the pressure to reduce the deficit and they're but not make the investments the public investments an education and infrastructure and job training at all sorts of things the oakland the promised when he came in office that pressure was was intense as well and they were lot of very conservative democrats on the hill who were fanatic about deficit reduction where the do below blue dog democrats own i used to cover congress is that going still a strong is it used to be not quite astonishing has to be better as the parties have both kind of move to their respective corners because the way that the primaries now are structured and jerry man during dictates that the primaries have become much more significant then the general action to most for most of these races of that means that the democrats have moved to the punitive left i mean the way we used to think about left and the republicans to the right but again that they're with me on this because i think that the way we think about american politics is going to shift traumatic late after twenty sixteen right and left become of last relevant than oh what you might call pop us to anti establishment up to listen vs politics he we we continue in this projection mid this project arena that we do i think we will i i mean most americans for example no longer believe in free trade now that's on the left and this on the right this is a brand new this is not something that the business side of the republican party ever thought would happen so why is that it's because that most people are worried about their jobs is free trade responsible for most of the job losses probably not it's probably technological train can take watchful just placement but the fact that matter is that because most americans are anxious and negative toward free trade other going to be some changes well our full our phone lines are full let's go to our first calling will begin and berkeley mario good morning you are on the air with rubber age.

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