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I mean, we were talking about how NBC was going to say that the reports gonna come out at the end of February and Rosenstein is going to leave and I was like, well, maybe the obstruction part. Well, now, we're learning the obstruction part is the collusion part. And that would mean one whole big report. Right. And that would be coming out in February. And you know, we've been talking about how the Andrew Miller case is still ongoing malicious ask for six more months for his grand jury. He hasn't even received the documents. He's trying to get from country a right in that secret subpoena battle so when Rosenstein says he's stepping down early in March 'cause molars wrapping up which in our old way of thinking would be impossible. But with collusion an obstruction inextricably linked and taking into account. The letter outlining the scope with a Muller investigation written by Rosenstein Muller is responsible for investigating and reporting. We now have a new picture, and I reached out to David priests to bouncing ideas off of him. And he was basically saying look those things the Miller thing and the company a country eighth-inning could be a tiny little percent of things. That are on done and would Muller wait until every single thread from this case had gone to trial and had a conclusion before he finally broke a final report. No because he's not Ken Starr. He's not going to put out a conclusive report that draws conclusions about this thing. He's an investigator. He's a prosecutor. He's putting together a report with all the evidence to say, I've got here's all everything. I've got y'all can continue at the DOJ to investigate this. How you please. Here's my report. And that report wouldn't necessarily have to wait for all these little tiny things to be tied up. Does that make sense that does make sense? It does make sense. But what if some of those things have something that I think's would be consequential enough to the investigation as a whole, you know, then he wouldn't file his report. Right. Let's kind of what I'm thinking. I don't think there's any ways going out in February. I do now though because I think there's so much. We don't know though, you're assuming we well, you're not I'm not saying, I'm assuming what you're assuming. Because I was thinking this myself that those are big things. But I keep telling myself, we only know one percent of what's going on the bulk of it could already be done. Yeah. All the shit. We don't know. And these things that we think are huge might be tiny. Right. And I mean, a normal or not political. But it does make sense that that house would continue investigating these kind of things. So Muller knows it wouldn't be for not like the DOJ would. Oh, yeah. Them too. So like, yeah. Muller would just be setting it up and passing the torch, essentially, right, right? Here's all my findings the bulk of it. There's all these, you know, we're going to figure out what under Miller's doing and talking to David pres. And you know, of course, this is all speculation. We don't know for sure, but I'm trying to figure out how could the report possibly be done the NFL with all of these outstanding things. And that was the initial thought was that those are tiny compared to what he actually knows. So it's. I don't know. I honestly don't know the answer. But I assume and I've emailed a couple of experts on this. And I don't have the answer yet. But I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what I assume because I'm not afraid of being wrong. That. These threads that haven't been wrapped up or gone to trial or concluded could be continued to be investigated by the department of Justice and indictments could be issued after the Miller report comes out as those investigations continue. And I also had asked a couple of experts which I don't have the answer to yet. Whether or not the DOJ can continue to use Muller's grand jury, which would be a reason for him to extend the grand jury, six more months..

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