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By an absolute legend a super bowl champion a man whose brain is just as bigoted heart. He runs the all Pro Dad Organization which helps men become true leaders leaders of their family. He was in Indianapolis for a long time. Tampa Bay for a long time. He was a steeler. Now you can see him on football night in America on NBC NBC. He was also a part of the Blue Ribbon panel which selected the NFL all time team which continues this Friday evening at eight eight PM Eastern on NFL network with rich. Eisen Chris Collins Worth and Bill Bell Jack Ladies and Gentlemen Tony Dungy Pat Coach. How's it going? How's life? How is everything in the coach Dungy world? Well I'm doing well. We just landed in Atlanta where actually broadcast in the game game Thursday night. Thanksgiving Game Falcons and saints so fired up and having fun. Well I think you do a great job on television because not only. Do you have an incredible resume but your ability to break down nuances of things is a lot of fun to watch speaking of breaking things down that blue ribbon team that our panel that had to decide the NFL all time team. How that was that whole process? Who else was in there? And I'm sure you enjoy the hell out of that in my right. It was a lot of fun. It was talented. No because you're trying to compare people people from different eras where statistics aren't the same. Don't mean as much You know you've got to figure out who was dominant and their era and compare them looked dominant minute today Great to be on with some wonderful people bill Poland. Obviously you know well bill. Belichick was amazing during the whole crosses a great historian. I think you're saying some of his personality. Come out on these show. A lot of the writers have been covering the League for years but it was it was difficult trying to go across generations and compare people. That's always the conversation between Jordan in the Bronx and players from the past and players of now is like well if Jordan had the same same training and technique practice at the guys have now. How much better would he be in for the guys of today going back then? If a guy was six four eight three hundred and fifty pounds assume assume he would have been a dominant offensive tackle back then to. It is very difficult to do that. Yeah and you look at Like Don Hudson who You know caught a thousand in yards worth of passes when the rest of receiving core in the League was averaging two hundred and fifty yards or three hundred. How do you compare that to what Jerry Rice? Then in his era and that's those are the conversations we had. He was pretty incredible. Well I think you guys have done a great job as far. I'm enjoying that show because you don't get a chance to see bill belichick act in a way that he's acting in this he's breaking things down from the history of the game you know you're talking about a guy who's had the most success in the history of coaching football to listen to him be a host. The show has been fantastic. Let's pivot now. At what point. Do you put Lamar Jackson on the. NFL's all time team is that now or is it next week Act We had I had Robert Griffin third. Going the same thing if you remember. He came into the lake by storm with making these seventy yard runs. And then how do you defend that. And Lamar you're playing outstanding planned fantastic but Let's let him stay healthy number one and then number two. But these pro coaches. Here's what I think is is going to happen. You Know Pat. How normally in the spring college coaches come to visit You're not as to get ideas on how to do things in place place. You're going to see all these different coaches go visit Alabama and visit Auburn and visit Clemson. And how do you guys defend these read option defend the RPO. You're going to see a different set of defense. WHO's next year Because the ravens have taken everyone by surprise with this offense that is what happened to rg three. And what happens to the wildcat. But I assume Michael Vick had a long run of success. How do you stop something? That is almost very difficult. Got To prepare for because it feels like Lamar Jackson can go off script and when somebody goes off script and can make a lot of places that's hard to prepare for right because you're training and practicing for if this then then this but with Lamar it's a complete different animal my Roland. You're absolutely right. It's like playing against Barry Sanders. You do everything right. You have a guy in position to make the play. He can't can't make the play because he's not a good enough athlete. And then Lamar goes forty yards with something that you had technically played right so that that's the problem album with him and the other thing I didn't think he would be able to do. This quickly. Is throw the ball so well so accurately and with so much poise from the pocket. I expected to say the-these Ron and and make him play. But now Uley people open. Because you're crowd. In the line of scrimmage he's hitting them at about ninety percent that's incredible edible. It is something to marvel at every time he steps on the field. He's made the game very exciting to watch it on the flip side of last night's game this. La Rams team looks completely dead. I'm in coach. They look bad. What is the big difference from last year whenever they were in the superbowl now granted and perform great and they might have got away with one fastener freelancer in New Orleans but last steer they took the world by storm this year? It seems like they're just have one big dud coach. What can happen in three hundred sixty five days to have that big of a change in a team they have lost off their Mojo on offense and I really think it starts with Todd Gurley? That was the hammer that they had. You had to kind of defend him like defend Lamar. We've got to commit everything we've got to stop the run and that opened up some easy throwing lanes. Well now they're not getting that and Jared Goff has to to create those passing place and it just. This hasn't happened so far so I think they've got to get their offense going again and specifically that run game. I think they're done for. I don't like I. Hey I heard your comment about the forty nine. Don't sleep on the niners now this. I don't think this game is going to be a twenty one point gain next week. I'm looking forward to seeing that. Because the there are some athletes on the forty niners. You love that you love defense. You love good defense. I think the forty niners team. I didn't give them enough. Respect your credit early because they hadn't played anybody anybody then they should have beat the seahawks if you make another kick and they've had a couple of big wins but this ravens team. I think the niners defense really feast on teams. That don't have good offensive of lines this Baltimore Ravens Offensive Line seems to be legit. You see things differently no they are. They this is GonNa be a great match up because you've got a tremendous offense and lying going against all those number one draft choice the offensive line and I think people if you love football. You'RE GONNA love to see this now. The thing I think believe it or not. Give San Francisco a chance this Monday night on the West Coast coming back losing a day. they're going to have to get that energy back they're young team and I think they I will but the the forty niners half day advantage on them. That is a big travel to I mean they. They have it at home though. I believe which is good for them. And it's tough to Get back until early this morning. And now you've got kinda rest up and try to get going so and then San Francisco. A lot of problems to prepare for. Their offense would kill kiddle back. They're able to run the ball now. It's going to be it's going to be a great game. I think I think so too. I'm excited for it. Those are my top two teams right now. My number three team and I think I only we have on there because of how dominant their defense has been in their special teams but their offense hasn't been able to click just yet. I assume they'll be able to figure out by the playoffs. Rex Ryan said I. I would love to coach against this New England Patriots team now granted. I don't think he's paying enough credit to the defense or to their special teams. But what do you think's going on in New England on offense side of the ball is in a lack of a weapon. Do you think they'll get it. Figured out by the time whenever it all he really starts the matter and now I think this is what they're going to be. They lost their center. It causes struggle. They're left tackles in and out they don't have big play receivers This is the team and they won the Super Bowl back in two thousand. I WANNA. Let's say two thousand one or two thousand three just like this with a running game and great defense opportunistic special teams. They know how to play that way. And you know uh-huh Peyton Manning Super Bowl in Denver that way with great defense good running game and timely passes. I think that's what you're gonNA see home today if they can keep home field advantage now if they lose another game and they have to go back to Baltimore. I don't think anywhere in the world. They went in Baltimore but if they get Baltimore up there in New England. They've got a chance. How big is field advantage for the defensive side of the ball? Oh a two on one. The other team has gone silent. Snap count that. That creates a lot of advantage for your defensive line weather condition for New England. They know how to play in that sloppy windy weather and just been at home resting up. Having your fans there the energy you get from them You know.

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