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So as you're pulling off he might have been going what sixty sixty five miles an hour. The ramp is located just south in Monroe for some reason unbeknownst the driver of the of the card name is near or nice spelled A and I see their near not veered off the Mark portion of the exit ramp he left the Mark portion of the exit ramp plowing into the back of a large tractor trailer rig operated by Michael Vosper who was sleeping at the time. In in the in the truck he was driving a Toyota sequoia, which is a large vehicle. But it was certainly park left to the white line. And so what was the reason that why would have left the roadway at a high rate of speed plowing into the back of a tractor trailer. I don't know. Let's continue. Let's go to Chris. Russell Tom many others Chris on a cell phone. Chris. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Chris go head narrower. There's a federal regulation that kind of covers there's a class of ticket called a major violation turns anything into. Similarly with DUI reckless driving. But there's a rule that says any any ticket that results in a fatality is a major violation except for a parking ticket. Well, this might be a parking ticket. But you know, when I look at the vehicular homicide statute in Ohio. I don't know if it applies because it says what renting a vehicle you caused the death of another and one of the following aways. Negligently are you saying that by trucking law? This is a major major violation or not a major violation. Violations parking ticket. So that say. I would say that you can't it's not really a traffic ticket. But I did get a ticket worms park similarly longtime ago and the guy says, well, that's the state patrol said that's disregarding a traffic control device. How could it be a traffic control device when I'm park? I don't know. I never did get that resolved. I finally ended up payment. Well, let me ask you this. Chris what kind of day is Michael Vasbert now having he's only thirty six years old, a semi driver isn't as world upside down right now, I'd say so Bill it's probably he's probably gonna get out of that business on. You know, how often do you pull off and the rest area is packed and you park off to the side somewhere is out of common event. There's something even worse now on their parking on the left shoulder kissed the apron. And people were calling them out last night just between the ramp and the expressway dangerous hell right out there. The regular shoulder. I'd say. Not much at fault. Wouldn't it be better to park as you as you're leaving the rest area rather than as you enter it because as you enter it? There's vehicles going sixty sixty five miles an hour. But if you park on the other side of the ramp as you're exiting the rest area cars wouldn't be traveling that fast, I agree. And that's where I usually try to park the big disadvantage that sometimes shorter. And right. Once you get through there. There's been your committee. What are you supposed to do if you if you have to shut down the rig your reached, your maximum hours, and there's no room in the rest area? What do you do? I don't know. I guess you keep going so far. I have an old truck on McDermott from that. Okay. So far, but. Haven't had to worry about yet. I go onto the next, but I do a regular round. And I know a place that's always has parking and more and more people are, you know, doing it like that the older regular routes. I mean have some tough nights or. Any sympathy for Michael Vasbert? The driver of the truck. I mean, it's wrong. Gara get some sleep and. Right in that area. There's no place to there. Up. There has a few spots, but they're always full right around. Cincinnati. It's not good. Well, it's a pinch point from Michigan. It's the north of the south is a pinch point and a lot of activity going on. Well, thanks for your call. And thanks for being a trucker. Let's continue with more. Russell standing. Jennifer, many others coming up seven four nine seven thousand pounds seven hundred.

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