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That actually is my favorite place to call a football game. That is. University of Washington. That place is loud and it's so aesthetically beautiful. You write there on the water and Washington has those cool uniforms with a purple black and yellow, people taking boats to the game. People take a boat to the game and it's really, really, really loud. I don't know what it is with the stadiums in Seattle. It's incredible, right? They just got loud fans. They got crazy fans. And then you want to talk about iconic. I got Sam. I got Gus Johnson here on the rich Isaac Joe. You just called game of the rose bowl. I mean, what a game. Unbelievable game. Did you watch it either? Or I was there for I brought the kids. Wow. We went there. And we went to three. And how old are they? 1411 and 9. There's a 14 year old talk to you. I hear choice words. Right. You get a pound now. No more hugs and kisses, right? I got some choice words. I have a question about it. But it's funny when UCLA went up 14 nothing. I'm like, this is going to be over. Because Gus is calling it. Yeah. I'm like, don't worry about it. Just wait. Let's also Caleb Williams. I think that kid is a Heisman Trophy winner. With everything that's happened, I know CG Stroud is great. You've called some quorum games too, and I know. Blake warm is great, yeah. But this Caleb Williams, he's put up, I want to say out of the last 6 games he's played, he's put up four bills, 5 times, 5 bills, this past weekend. Right. You know, I was getting text from my boys during the game, and they were like, this is Patrick Mahomes. This could be Patrick Mahomes. He's smart. He's just so smart. He's so clever. You know, and Patrick Mahomes comes from that same Lincoln Riley system that air raid Mike leach and when he played a Texas tech, and this kid, I mean, Lincoln Riley is just, he's innovative. He's, I mean, think about the quarterbacks he's had. Baker, Kyler, Jalen. Now this kid, I mean, it's just so wonderful that USC was able to get him. I know Oklahoma, they were disappointed, but to have him out here with this brand of football, getting ready to go into the Big Ten, it's just I think he's just a young specialist. So if you had a hodgman, I do have one. Oh, you do have one. You're going to vote for you'd vote for Caleb Williams. As of today, as of today, but we'll see what happens. They got to play Notre dame this weekend. That's right. It puts up another big game and Notre-Dame. I want to see USC's offense against Georgia. Well, you might get that chance. Yeah, I want to see a west coast team. I mean, think about it if we get a USC, we get an SEC team, we get a Big Ten team, and then TCU. So you get a big 12. And you get a big 12 team. I think that might be perfect. Gus Johnson here on the rich eisen show, walk me through what it's going to be like for you Saturday. I mean, you've called Michigan Ohio State games before, but you have not called them where both are undefeated. This is your first in that foray because I'd imagine you were not in the booth in 2006 for that one. What's it going to be like for you? Okay, I'll travel tomorrow, which is Thursday. And my lady lives in Columbus, so I'll have Thanksgiving dinner at about midnight. Okay. Which is important. So then Friday we get up. Hold on, is it midnight? Yeah, because I'm not leaving here until. By the time I get there, get my bags out of airport. Okay. It's a midnight Thanksgiving dude. Very good. So I'll have that. Friday, we get up. They'll do a couple of radio interviews. We got to talk to Cleveland. My man riz, you know, riz Cleveland. But that his ESPN station. But then we go see Ryan day and the buckeyes at noon over at their facility and they're really nice because they give us lunch and we get a chance to sit down. And you don't wear blue, right? You know that. I don't ever wear blue. Okay. All right. We sit down with Ryan. We talked to Jim yesterday, Jim Harbaugh. How do you sound? He's a really, he's a quirky dude. I mean, I really like him. He, you know, he's a quirky dude. He's a smart guy. He's, he can be really funny. Yeah. Once he takes you into his fold, he's a really good guy. The two of us have had a really great relationship. I like him a lot. Even though he can be a goofball, but he's I remember asking him not to go and go, I said, coach, how many concussions did you have as a player? He says, I don't remember. So that a lot of concussions ladies and gentlemen, Jim Harbaugh. Right. So is quorum going to play? Do you think? I don't think so. Oh my God. That's what I read. And I didn't get this from horrible. I read it. One of the players kind of dropped that. As it currently sounds right now. That's what it is. Okay, but you didn't get that sense from Harmon? You wouldn't give us anything. He wouldn't give us anything on injuries. Okay. He was like, whoever's going to play is going to play and whoever doesn't play. The guy behind a massive step up. How many people Ohio states heard too, you know? Sure, sure. Okay. So you spoke to Jim, and so you're going to see reindeer in Columbus Friday. Okay. And then what game did, what's that look? You got a suit picked out already. Got a suit picked out. No neutral colors. Got it? Because you get, oh yeah. I get killed for that. And not even thinking about it. I'm just pulling out something that's clean. That's why I was late today because that's why I was late today, rich because man, you know, I was, I was in Cambridge, then I went to where was did I flew out here? To LA, did the game. Stayed at the hotel out there and passed Adina and I live here in Los Angeles. So I needed to wash my clothes. So I'm late. I'm sitting there washing clothes. Oh, you look great. Well, thank you. Dressed to impress with a superstar. Don't stop. You know, going coast to coast. Saturday got the game picked out. And then when it's time for the broadcast, this game is going to do a huge number. It does every year.

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