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We've now learned the identity of the victim we told you that was stabbed at these seven eleven on south OBT and thirty nine th street. Police have identified him as Forty-six year old Roderick Caesar. He was found with stab wounds to his chest there and later died at the hospital right now police say that a Fifty-three-year-old person of interest is being questioned in this case. Orange county. Deputies are also investigating a shooting that happened this morning. It happened around four fifteen in El Rincon Saito bar and grill on east colonial drive near Cimarron boulevard. Deputies found a car in the parking lot. The drivers shot in the head. The victim described only as a Hispanic man transported to Orem see no word on his current condition. Investigators say the original incident at the restaurant involved armed security guards. It's unclear though who shot the man or if anyone will be arrested. There will Moody News ninety six point five WDBO a young woman accidentally runs over her boyfriend near pine hills. Overnight Lieutenant Kim Montas with HP says the couple was driving down willow with street from a friend's house. And at some point the male victim after to get out of the car. We don't believe that. There is any kind of ultra -cation. Preliminary investigation suggests that twenty four year old Kevin sing was either sitting or laying in the road when he was run over as she came back around to see if she could locate him, she felt her vehicle right over something. Sing later died at the hospital the twenty one year old girlfriend is cooperating with police and so far has not yet been charged. I it might be time for you to go shoe shopping reporter, Cheri Preston. Sherry Preston tells us that PayLess is closing all of its remaining twenty one hundred stores here in the US and its height back in the mid nineties PayLess shoe source was selling about two hundred and fifty million pairs of shoes per week. But this week.

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