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I have no hope for anyone ever beating Greg Kosar in his district ever. That's a bad place to be in it. That's a bad place to be truth, though. I mean, it's the truth, though. We went to town one. You're you're picking from the district. I know. And I don't know if you've driven through that through his district before he himself admits, uh, well, he's got tremendous support. Yeah, well, we saw what happened with Mackenzie, McKenzie, Kelly and Flanagan. Yeah, but that's a different district, a totally different kind of makeup over there in that district in Northeast rather northwest Austin. His district over there North Lamar Boulevard. It's uh, well, as he says about 40% are undocumented immigrants. As he says, Well, that would be pretty much the only people that are seeing any kind of benefit, then as far as what he stands for and what he does, or doesn't do. That would be the only people that are benefiting and in any possible way would be illegal aliens. That's it. So if if that's all he's got Uh, Todd. I just I don't know why it's why I agree. That's why it's so important for him, Uh, to not allow Republicans to change our election laws, right? Sure. Sure. I understand what you're saying. But I think that the pushback is happening. I think I can just feel the momentum going. You know, we should I feel it's citywide, but I do There There is. No there is zero pushback against Greg Kosar in his district. And that's how he is allowed. And if if we don't have any by this going to run against him whenever that time comes where, then? Yeah, There's not him and there's not. There's nobody. There's nobody and the things nobody in that district. It has the money and I know what you're saying, and the fundraising mechanism using the Workers Defense project to to raise your money. Well and and Greg Cash are, even though he just represents one district. He is sure he's messing it up for everybody. So he this this 10 1 thing? Uh, It doesn't necessarily mean that we're all not going to feel the effects of him being in that district. I'm feeling it you're feeling or seeing the result. It's screwing up everything so But, yeah, you're right if if nobody runs against him than Yeah, I don't think anybody can beat him in his own district. Well, if nobody, there's there's no names. There's no names out there. There's no conservative, no Republican. There's not even another Democrat that has the money. The gravitas. The ground game, the team that he has. I'm just telling you, he's that's the truth that that is the truth. I don't support him at all at all. I think he should go, but nobody is rising. Nobody's rising from the ashes to D from Greg Kosar. Well, I might be naive, but all those other districts around and I think we're going to start to see a lot of changes. As far as who who, if we have the right people run. That's that's word. That's If they don't. Then we got nothing will just have. We'll continue on the path. Theron. Yeah? Alright. 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525 and, uh and yeah, So, uh, do you think That these lawmakers going to be arrested, handcuffed. Uh, I hope they are. I hope that they're going to have to have some kind of consequence for this. This, uh Temper tantrum that they're throwing. We can't just come back and you know people frown at him. They're not pleased with him. But we go on business. As usual. They got to feel it. They've got to feel because what they've done Is incredibly incredibly wrong. They're letting all of us down and they're doing it on our dime as well. You can. You can say now this is being financed by whoever, but We're paying. We're still paying for it. We're paying for it. Big time. Yeah. I mean, there's a bell reform issues that could be working on some extra benefits for retired teachers that are kind of fallen by the wayside because of this, this delay and it's just a delay. The governor is going to continue to call session after session after session until they are forced to vote..

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