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Sciences that we observed as we flip resources into our Flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have four trends that we all share and we have a recommended reading that goes along with each of these Trends. We in the episode by peering into the crystal ball and making predictions about the trends We Believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks Abby took us off by talking about our fortunes and sharing our for recommended readings. Thank you Tim. Yes, we have four Trends three of which I think most people will be very familiar with one of which is new and we'll explain why it kind of formed its own Trend. And yes, so we we looked at everything we flipped articles that we thought were of interest to people and Structural design and educational technology into our Flipboard magazine and from the past two weeks. We've distilled these four Trends number one teaching and learning online. We saw articles about why moving to online instruction will not reduced costs for for Education. We saw an article on providing students with a sense of connectedness engaging students an article from inside higher ed that supported the idea that better teaching is going to minimize cheating which makes a lot of sense. I mean even even regardless of the the venue when uses transition from video learning to other forms of of instruction, for example virtual learning using a virtual environment home. We saw intentional online program design. We saw a Content curation versus original content kind of a discussion of which how much one should have of both. Those things in anyone online course and providing teachers with training to improve their own online offerings. Our recommended read in this area is what incoming first-year students want online learning to be by James n Cork for educause review. And again, I apologize if I'm mispronouncing any authors names. This is a really interesting read in educause and Tim. I was laughing not laughing smiling. We were very proud of how doctors worked with his we assume a member of the family because the at the end of the article it says the article was authored by James M Kirk.

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