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Good or bad for the Lakers. Good or bad for LeBron. I just wanna hear your thoughts on it. I guess as far as the Lakers go. It's it's good for the it's good for the spectacle side of the Lakers. But it's like it's bad for the part where they're where they're supposed to go. Do something for ten years straight. Right. It's bad for that part. 'cause now basically the Lakers are like what the Knicks were two years ago. But with LeBron James. Like, it's like LeBron James joined that team was Derrick rose and and walking. No. And whoever else is like this suicide squad. Like this group. Just like Cass or no one wanted and words good. Yeah. That where we and then suddenly like two months in the season. Just like boy maybe made mistake getting Raymond sell. Tin, right. Yeah. Yeah. Sure missing missing him bringing his gun into the locker room or whatever the instant offense of a Raymond Felton. Yeah. No, that's true. I mean, I can you see this Lakers town kind of watching them like I don't know if they win forty five games. Now makes me my initial thought was maybe LeBron takes twenty games to figure out who's going to do what role on the team. But now there is a moment round. Like, I don't even know. Because he can't shove management around like he did in cleaver, which rightfully did. He. I think it was one hundred percent of the right to to constantly voices opinion, 'cause they were truly lucky to have him in inept in other ways. Yes. Yes. And so they got as far as they were going to get and they got pretty far this guy who was just like who was just eyes on the prize twenty four seven. But then it's like now, and I don't think he's going to like, I don't think he's gonna suddenly starts phone in it in or anything. But it's just like. What Jorgi was on the wizards? At this point. That's a great. That's a great point. Fake Brown lebrons, logging eighty two games as an eighteen year old where Georgia's long thirty..

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