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We picked her bullying can be threats, rumors, physical altercations and online attacks. She was such an easy target. No one stood up for her. I guess we thought she could take it more than 60 kids a year in Illinois commit suicide, and now she's John. The statistics are staggering. If you see someone being bullied, or you yourself are bullied, get help. Talk to parents, teachers or an adult. You trust see something? Say something. Do something and please If you're the bully Stop today. If I could just take it all back. Sarah would still be here at school at home out in the world. If you see something, say something, do something sponsored by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and aired in cooperation with this station. At the Y M. C. A people are the foundation of who we are and who we have been for nearly 170 years. You are the Y on and even though the Y may look a little different right now, Our commitment to you remains a strong is ever so staying with us. Stay connected with your wife. Stay connected with each other. Reach out to your local. Why today and stay with us for a better US. It's 8, 22 and now Dean Richards with today's celebrity allergic reaction. You know, when I hear allergic reaction, I thought, you know somebody got their covert shot and had a reaction. But that's Not at all what this is. It's Chrissy Teegan, who loves posting pictures of herself on social media, but apparently she was eating an orange. And you know, some people will peel an orange before eating. Apparently she bit into the orange skin and all and I have to admit, sometimes I do that. Just there, you know, to break the skin so I can start. You're peeling it, So maybe that's what she's done. But when I do it, I wash the fruit first, because I figure there's all kinds of cooties on it and pesticides. And who knows what Apparently, she did not do that. And she says that she bit into the skin of a suspicious orange possible pesticides on the outside and posted a picture of her face her lips. Swole up her cheeks, her eyes. It all went down, that she took some anti histamines and they all went down and she's okay. But, you know, don't be like Christie Brinkley. Be careful if you're going to be doing anything like that. Christy Teeg Christie Teegan like yesterday when I was doing Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber. But the day after she has this reaction, she posted Pictures of herself post surgery after she had breast implants removed, so she's just been busy with her photographs on her instagram page. Showing off everything. I guess people were suspicious. They thought. Oh, now she's ahead. Some plastic surgeon face work done, but not the case. Those deadly oranges got to be careful. I guess I should know who, Um listen, Hannigan is Is that her name? Alyson, Alyson Hannigan Hannigan. I don't know the name, but I guess she's a familiar face. If you saw her on How I met your mother. She was the only you know. Everybody was single on the show except her and the Jason Segal character. She was very regular, very memorable character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was in the original American Pie movies had very famous scene, which I'm gonna play a little love for you and the second she's one of the actors in a brand new Disney plus movie that's called Flora and Ulysses Story about a little girl who rescues a squirrel who turns out to have superpowers. So it's a true story. Obviously. But Alison Hanigan plays the mom in this Syriza. We did a little zoom chat, talked about the movie, but I also was curious which of her very famous roles. That she's had on TV and the movies that people ask her most often about what are the projects that people talk to you about. Most often ask you about most often. Um, I would say, definitely book me and how I met your mother. I guess it sort of depends who I'm talking Tonto. And for a while it was just always always Buffy. But then I'd say halfway through how I met your mother it it started predominantly being that show and and depending on my location, or who I'm talking to I consort of gas, like, okay, This is gonna be about the crowd. This will be the how I met your mother crowd. And then if I met him all, it'll be American pie At one time at Band Camp. We all lost our music and we were supposed to play this song. But we didn't know it. You're pissed about something That's her famous. You know what I do with learning from the original American pie movie, which believe it or not, is over 20 years old now from 1999, But she was in all the American pie movies, huh? And has had quite a career and now is playing Mom's on Disney. Plus and finally we have the update on the rock and what his plans are. This is very interesting. The rocks new TV, Syriza's The TV show that he's behind a Tree East anyway and his producing premieres tonight on CBS. And, uh, he is, uh, the Syriza's called Young Rock. And the premise of the TV show is that young Dwayne Johnson is running for president in the year 2032 in each episode. He looks back on when he was a little kid, The little little Rock S o. It sounds like it's gonna be interesting. And he certainly is beloved by everybody. But somebody asked him, you know if he would be open for really running for president. Which during the last election cycle, he said that he would definitely think about it that he's got some ideas and that he would think about it, and somebody asked him if he still would be open. Really running for president, and he said that he would consider a presidential run. If that's what the people wanted, says he's been a registered independent. Although he did support President Biden during the last election, But hey, that would be interesting, right? Have an actor run for and become president. Imagine that You smell what the rock is cooking. All right from the Oval Office, Dean, this Justin Due to snow and the storm, your punch. Key delivery has been delayed. Look for it by Memorial Day weekend. This is killing me that I mean. It's It's tough that people can't get through streets and you know everything's closed today. But the real tragedy of today is the lack of police keys. They're you know, delivered to TV and radio stations everywhere. It's just not happening today. And I, you know, I completely understand why, but It's just a very, very sad tragedy. When your your TV and radio people cannot be fed free pastries. You know what? We were hearing a lot of very early this morning. People who work at bakeries. We're just trying to get in to work. Because it's a big day for them. Sure, I mean, people have been ordering dozens and dozens and dozens dozens of Poon skis, You know, for weeks and weeks and weeks. It's a tradition and you know, these bakers were trying to get to work. Really this morning to fulfill all the orders that they had. So this punch ski tragedy of 2021 is one that historians will be talking about decades. Why can't we get the helicopters up for the pointy deliveries and seriously have they never heard of drones for well? This Tuesday won't be as fat as most are. All right. D will talk to you tomorrow. He later coming up. We'll talk Tomo Doug Glanville. He's got some interesting programs on the Cubs Marquis Network. I was looking at an old Cubs game on Marquis last night. Doug came up to bat. I think he was batting ahead of Sosa and Grace in the order, So I definitely want to ask him about that and also what he's doing these days with that Syriza on Marquis. He's talking to some very interesting people. About some very interesting topics. It's class in session with Doug Glanville. It will be on tonight and we'll get a little preview from Doug and.

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