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But now there are some new universes developing create you guys. That's big. Shout out to John. Luhan for. Average Rain Universe. Definitely keep him in a sent him on your way and most of Jerry G Angelo was writer director of. American warfighter dutiful I open to like any talent that. Deserves recognition because there's so much of it out there that. There's so much stuff that just gets buried because of the content that's out there. It's not that they're not drake. It's just there's so much and of course. Yeah. It because who has the money to advertise the most and that's bullshit because clothes blow yet. I've got little secrets I get them in other places. I've been doing this on facebook in the basic systems in. In Whatnot oems since two thousand eleven so. I used to work for Hewlett. Packard's a little bit of a narrative. I mom. I'm so into art like I draw like a motherfucker all the time that I like when I can when I get time. I do a lot of like. Art is absolutely amazing. Oh. I don't know I keep hearing from people on my crazy. I got an opportunity for you. They've got a new comedy show. It's called McDermott show done. Our second episode getting along press is a New York comedian doing really well. And actually wear the south. Park artists was watching our show the of the South Park. Yeah I was watching our show on Wednesday and this was after all watched ron show running Jimmy Shell with moat with Mona. Marshall the one of the voices from the South Park so We're looking for somebody to help us with in an original. Within our show. Oh awesome. Yeah it's been so busy like I haven't done art in a while like not forever but. It's been months at least because things have been so damn hectic. But. When I get the chance like I'll usually get this like weird retro mood were all do some eighties horror? Shit. Nine I'm such a Freddie. Free There's a page on facebook you can find that has a lot my words. And I use Cobourg markers which are alcohol based markers that are okay. They're blend -able. So they look just like a comic book when you use them properly. So, you could get like three or four shades of color or more in make a gradient..

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