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Yeah so there you go i it's it's just so infuriating because this is a guy who all he deals with all day long is people calling him a nazi because hell's say like you know whatever like he's against welfare so now they say he's racist and he just engages in the exact same thing he falls right to their level once you know he's john and yes i do acknowledge what you said you can clearly see which is very rare but you see ben shapiro backpedalling a little bit and saying like well maybe he's not like you know completely open about his anti semitism look rent rand paul i i'll just cheryl a story just briefly so that when i met ron paul in ah and i was on the run paul liberty report and so mean ron paul and and daniel mcadam sweet we talked in his office for about a half hour then we went out and we filmed the episode and then we came back and we spoke in his office for like another hour and i had mentioned something during the show about my grandfather escaping a germany during the second world war and he asked him he asked me more about that and you know i give a little bit of my family history that they were austrian jews who then moved to berlin and and that my grandfather got out in in thirty eight and he said he asked me he said a did anyone else who else in your family got out and i said my grandfather was the only one the the rest of amal died a few of them died in in death camps and a few of them just died in the war and and ron paul never forget that moment it it's such a sincere moment on told just put his head down in his hand sitting at his desk and he goes what a tragedy what a tragedy and then he he started talking about how mrs run out of the country and how his work was destroyed and how awful world war two was i mean the idea that this guy has a hateful bone in his body you are so off your free can rocker you you're just it's like every time someone has to criticize the mrs institute or if they criticise you a ron paul it can never just be like.

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