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This comedy tip and that's what my life is did so if i go to the sakaria premier i'm on flex avenue do not i'm talking about and i know the back road i know the back road to get flex avenue and fuck inflec center yeah and dude and not flex all day people like flex all day not flex all day sometimes chile and don't flex leave the bag at home put on a fucking white t shirt go out have a good time you don't need to flex every fucking day you flex every day you're an asshole every now and then when you go to fuck and movie premiere or you go have a launcher you're trying to fuck and impress somebody you know you flexing little bit oh flex dined of say member mad cobra dude oh flex time to of sex mad cobra you know dude his name was mad cobra flicks dined of sex and if you look at the video go to the video one fire fucked it up it starts the video of mad cobra flex starts with him with his hands behind his back and his head is down and the waves are crashing into his feet anywhere you know what he's wearing the in the in the in the music video exactly what you think he'd be wearing of course he's wearing a vest with no shirt under it because that's flexing that's the ultimate flex is the vest with no shirt under it i don't give a fuck if you're white black persian indian doesn't matter what the fuck you are you could be from mars and they would be like they come in with a fucking vest with with a green because either whole green body with a vest over it and they'd be like why are you wearing that krever and he'd be like because i am flexing flex time to have a sex do do you know that song by the way flow works darn of sex added the neetu it oh my god do it here we go i'm gonna i'm gonna play this song for you because i don't know if you know this song you definitely don't know this song i mean unless you're like forty which i'm not yet i still got years in front of me babies years to flex every nama i'm thirty eight i'm at the age you ever see the british version of the office when he's near like 'cause you know you're thirty nine and he's like he's might i always think about that because going to be forty and it doesn't wanna omit that he's forty he's my flex mad cobra you guys are just chilling dude this is going to be a loosey goosey chilin ask time i'm no no nothing just hanging out we're on the phone that's basically what we're doing we're on the phone while it has eight million views this song i didn't remember so far compiler it was like the first reggae song that was like big not really i don't know that but it was in my head and you know what that's all we need to know come on dude this internet sucks dude one fire we said we were going to fix it and by we i mean you and you didn't do it but we gotta fix it it's simple how about when alex jones like there's a civil war that's going to happen and then everyone knew it wasn't going to happen didn't happen and then we listens now people still listen to alex jones hey what the fuck if you make fucking claim that hard there's going to be a civil war on july fourth and there isn't then you get what you get what you get your tongue cut out that's it you can't just fuck and do that shit and say that shit how do people listen to fucking alex jones for real in anon ironic way.

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