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Use of force for police officers to use use a force in the state of California AC six member Kenneth McCarty to ensure voter rights in California are strengthened and then the third one is similar who's eight Medina's Bill three three one to have ethnic studies for high school students assemblyman Medina believes making ethnic studies a requirement for high school graduation. We'll ultimately produce better adults the more knowledge we have of each other in a state like California and a nation like the United States. The more knowledge we have of each other and of various groups that make up our society, the better prepared. We are as citizens, and as employee's cares moods area hopes today's visits with. Legislators will spark interest in younger Muslim Americans that find them getting more active in the process of creating policy. Change inspired become feature interns, the become future fellows in the capital. Lobbyists advocates lawyers and it starts today. So it's not as the bills old on favor of them. It's really creating a future for American Muslims to actually feel comfortable and excited to get involved. Serena's face lit up with a smile when he told me how he enjoyed watching today's younger participants get more and more confident as they went through the day meeting with legislators, and Joe the ethnic studies Bill, you spoke of seems like it could have an impact that extends beyond the Muslim community. Definitely some Medina sharing his experiences an ethnic studies teacher, he says learning about culture and history. He found empowering for students. I would see it making a more accepting world a more tolerant world, but more than tolerance society. We need to be a state in a country that recognizes the huge contributions made by various. Ethnic groups throughout the history of both the state of California and this nation, a some of them and Medina's studies out of a university of Stanford or also showing off Nick studies closing the achievement gap, helping with attendance and raising GPA's. Thank you Joe five. Oh eight and coming up at five eleven with our building a better Sacramento segment. We're gonna talk to a local guy who has a pretty incredible plan in place to help bring new life onto golf courses all across the country. Now, let's get you caught up on all this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one k f k..

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