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He's the BBC world service top stories today Philippine officials say a hazardous eruption of toxic gas may occur in the coming hours of okay never admitting lava south of the capital Manila France is hosting a summit with five west African states to consider how to step up the fight against Islamist militants in the Sahel abrasions queen Elizabeth is to hold family talks slated to decide the future roles of the Duke and Duchess office well she's known as Murphy and it was another remarkable day from Manchester city's Sergio Aguero right foot fetish his record breaking day with the hot trick is twelve in the English premier league took him to a hundred and seventy seven goals in the English top flight which put him behind only Allen share a Wayne Rooney and Andy Cole in premier league history but remember football existed before the premier league so he's got a long long way to go to catch the great Jimmy graves anyway help city into second place with a thumping six one winner of Aston villa on Sunday and his manager pep Guardiola does what up fight evil asset the arch in time the case was quotables they were born scoring goals and they will die escorting also just everyone has young talent and he has this one so with him but I thought so he has a special gift you know that a when his feet then and happy everything which what city up to second still fourteen points behind Liverpool H. experiments the first team through to the quarterfinals of the African confederation Cup after fourth win in a row in the group stage of the fellow Gyptian so must return on Sunday Kermit's first continental competition of course to have tricks on Sunday in this competition as well carry mail Bukhari school three goals in nine minutes to society I get dear more okay defeated Ivory Coast some country frail and Stanley Demba scored three for Nigeria's union but as the people's elephants east polished parody with Algeria for one and away from the football today marks the start of the trial of the former head of world athletics numbing check he faces corruption and money laundering charges linked to the Russian typing scandal sports news correspondent Alex caps to cripple lemming deck once one of the most influential figures in sports is accused of accepting bribes from Russian athletes who failed drug tests in return it's alleged he promised to make sure the doping violations dissipated which allow them to continue competing the eighty six year old who says he's in the sense ran track and field global governing body for almost sixteen years until he was replaced by Sebastian coe in twenty fifteen he's been under house arrest in Paris since the charges were first laid against him more than four years ago Alex Capstick reporting the trial starts today in Paris I know we're going to hear from C. R..

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