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A wall county deputy sheriff has died in floodwater from Wednesday's storms. Officials say her patrol car went off the road on FM three sixty two near Hockley fellow officers were not able to get to her in time. The unidentified deputy died at memorial Hermann hospital in Cyprus now yesterday's storms brought to tornadoes spotted is they washed out Halloween celebrations all across our city. One was reported near Seeley this tornado with the eagle lake volunteer fire department releasing cell phone video that was taken by a witness tornado line road. Yep. I'm videotaping right now, I need to get get moving. I don't know how long wait another funnel cloud reportedly spotted on Agnes road in Missouri. City today, we're going to be recovering from all of this hour. News time now seven oh, three mainstream media finally getting some blow back from the public because of their coverage of President Trump and KTAR cliff Saunders is live with them, including confrontations with angry voters, Debbie Julie co-founded, the main street patriots and says you should not be surprised. Thank you. Or seeing backlash. I think American voters are insanity. She's planning to hold protest yourself in Atlanta against CNN after the midterms and says, they deserve everything. They get inside not reporting the news anymore reporting, political commentary, and they become nothing more than entertainment network for progressive thinks if Republicans win next week that the mainstream media might not change a thing will go in meltdown mode day will take a won't be forced to take a hard look at their conduct in the way. It's backfired in the end she thinks it'll be more of the same through twenty twenty Donaldson behavior changes going on especially at CNN. I don't know. It depends on the American public doesn't it? You'd like to think. So I mean, they've seen their ratings continually drop Walter behavior at all are we woke to that. Here's another example of mainstream media turning a blind eye to his own hypocrisy. It was an appearance on his network CNN host Don lemon going off on a rant a racist. Rant actually talking about the shootings first of two black men in a Kentucky grocery store, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men. Most of them radicalized off to the right? Oh, he knew what he was saying went on to say, there's no travel ban on white guys. CNN not making any comment about this. When asked our news time, seven, oh, four Americans. Meantime, the rest of us were reaping the benefits of a strong economy consumer confidence rose again this month hitting a new eighteen year, high consumer confidence index climbed a one hundred thirty seven point nine in October up from one hundred thirty five point three in September. Both the highest since September of two thousand wages have been going up. Incomes are housing values for the most part of the stock market's been vaults on October overall tire and people feel there's a lot of job opportunities out there. Jordan Goodman, America's money answers. Man says this would typically favor the sitting president and party of power in a midterm election. Think you've got very different dynamics this time and Republicans have not even been running for the most part they've been running on other kinds of issues. So taking this case it's not going to help.

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