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It's now twenty two minutes past six it's morning edition on I'm Brian watt. One year ago today, the most destructive fire in California history roared to life fueled by high winds the tubs fire burned through the north bay hills and into Santa Rosa, it would destroy more than five thousand homes and buildings and kill twenty two people since then the community has been grappling with a tough question. If wildfire is a normal part of the California landscape how and where should residents rebuilt he acuity science reporter Lawrence summer has been looking into that dilemma. The drywall is just about to go up at Paulo and thousand new house. You can finally see where the rooms will be. Guest bathroom. Yes. Bedroom. Daughter's full bathroom, my daughter bedroom. See him already mentally moving in as he walks through the construction site, it appears it's not really moving as quickly as you'd like it to. But yeah, you still know that the ends incite it was one year ago late at night when loan left his house enlarged field that house that used to stand here because he was called into work. Evacuation orders. The ball is assistant fire marshal in Santa Rosa, the tubs fire was growing on the other side of town, and he had to get people out or sirens on our systems yelling at people as embers and spa. Fires were literally starting people's yards. The night wore on and the winds didn't let up. It was exploding at a rate that I would have never imagined would occur. He drove north past his neighborhood. You couldn't actually make out individual homes inherit just look like an entire wall of fire and then realized right away that my house gone. And so he began the long process a starting over like, so many others and pretty quickly a crucial question came up should people rebuild in California. Wildfire isn't a freak occurrence. It's a fact of life and the fire was a repeat of the Hanley fire which fifty four years ago burned the same area loan Paul thought about that. But he was keenly aware of the fires effect on an already tight housing market and made a decision that it made more sense to rebuild here. And quite honestly, it also had a lot to do with her. Could I have convinced her that we can live in a really cool place somewhere else? Maybe, but this was our home and this time that home will be better protected..

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