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Website dot net rocks dot com or via any of our social media because we publish every show Facebook and Google plus. And if he comment there and we read it in the show, we'll said you copy music. Oh, yeah, definitely follow us on Twitter. I'm at Carl Franklin. He's at rich Campbell. Send us a tweet. We blame them out man, a few blinky lights. No, a little music. It's, I'd love this. Look as the. I walk thing. He put a headlight on his knee, light it, right? Yeah, you see where he's going. I love it. Hey, are you using the new version of Skype right now? I am because I can't hear you at all. Really your volume went from great to practically silent way to go Microsoft. Wow, that's really cool. And I turned off all the automatic gain stuff, but It just just. went down. Well, that's really cool. That's really awesome up. So happy about that. I'm very happy about. So Richard want you tell about your conversation with Jessica. So this was one of the the first show we did on the teller mater web tour, and it was in Berle Lynn. We had a nice crowd great space too. And I was fortunate to be able to convince just Angstrom to come with us. We've talked to her in the past about VR a are related stuff, but you know, she's got a real strong pensions for user design experiences. The whole, of course, she deals with the three d. space, but she also deals that web and desktop apps. So we were able to just drill into that how to get developers to think more about the US x. knowledge that is super rare to find a dedicated you x. person and so we all need to up our game. And so we talked about some tools techniques thinking around how to just consider you x. in your day-today development efforts. Yeah. Awesome. Let's roll it. Hey..

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