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Here we have a school teacher with us I'm here with the cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle with department of public health director Dr in Gaza is he gay with Illinois emergency management agency director general Alicia Tate Nadeau and commissioner of the Chicago department of public health Dr Allison are witty I want to thank the leaders who are standing with me today and those in counties all across our state who are working day and night in our response to corona virus as I mentioned yesterday my administration will be hosting daily press conferences on the current state of covert nineteen in Illinois depending on the updates at hand you may see any combination of myself doctor is he gay I am a director general Tate Nadeau and other senior leaders of my administration and elected officials and public health experts from other levels of government each day at two thirty PM we can also be viewed via live stream at Illinois dot gov slash live video since our last press conference yesterday afternoon there are eight additional cases here in Illinois our total case count is now nineteen these new cases include our first two from outside of cook county these two cases outside of cook county a man in his late teens with ties to lake and McHenry counties and an unrelated individual in her sixties from Kane county are not health care workers have no history and have not had close contact with any known positive covert nineteen case since health officials cannot determine the origin of these two unrelated cases each likely reflects community transmission of the virus in a moment I'll ask Dr Izzie Kay and Dr are would be to elaborate on the medical details of these eight cases as well as provide an update on the eleven previously announced but I want to share that we have been in contact with officials from all of the impacted counties directly about the next steps in containment and protecting our most vulnerable residents as anticipated we have reached the point where we're likely to see additional cases reflecting additional spread within the communities each day forward we have been preparing for this for months and are fully coordinating across state and local governments to minimize further spread it as best we can yesterday I issued a disaster proclamation illinois' version of a state of emergency and this is the next phase in a long developed response we're now operating with a state emergency operations center at the heart of our response because of this proclamation all our tools are in play and rapidly available for deployment to assist all our cities and counties across southern central and northern Illinois as the situation has involved I've consistently reminded you that Illinois has one of the strongest public health systems in the nation we were among the first states in the nation able to test for covert nineteen which we are now doing in Chicago in Springfield and Carbondale and we anticipate commercial expansion in the near future of course we must also contend with the reality that our capacity cannot be separated from the material response of the federal government our federal partners I have personally reached out to senior federal officials to demand that we get more tests as soon as possible it's critical to our response enter the response of every state and jurisdiction across the nation that as we see a national surge in cases we are matching that with a rapid increase in testing in order to best care for our patients we need to be able to gauge the exact scope of covert nineteen spread and it is imperative that the federal government provide leadership here at the state level we're continuing to make all necessary preparations to advance our public health systems and we're doing so with a particular focus on the safety of our most vulnerable residents at the core of our efforts paying special attention to our nursing homes are veterans homes and long term care facilities we've implemented new staffing procedures and issued strict guidelines around restricting visitors at the facilities that we control yesterday we also hosted a weapon are with over four hundred representatives from nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the state and are working closely with the various statewide associations of private owners to ensure that they match our efforts with similarly strict guidelines as always we encourage everyone to check in on their elderly friends relatives and neighbors to wash their hands regularly and vigorously and to use precautions about large crowds we will continue to keep your fully updated and informed as we move forward I thank you very much and now I'd like to turn it over to cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle good afternoon thank you governor Pritzker for your attention to.

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