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Morning it's nine twenty nine I'm Bob McClay here's. Our top story the White House is talking to. KTAR about the invitation extended to Russian leader Vladimir Putin KTAR's Jeremy foster joins us live Bob that, new seemed to shock director of national intelligence Dan coach yesterday when he was informed, about that during a public. Event Now White House deputy press secretary HOGAN Gidley this. Morning told, Arizona's morning news President Trump and Putin discussed a potential White House visit back in, March also of course. Director coach would be part of any, of those meetings once they've been. Set up he would be in any of the briefings in preparation talking about agendas and how we would move forward in. Those talks Gidley says no date has been set for wind Putin may come live in the news center Jeremy, foster KTAR news the New York Times at ABC news both reporting. That investigators have, discovered several, recordings allegedly made by President Trump's attorney. In which the president is talking about making payments to. A former, playboy model. Karen McDougal McDougal. Has previously claimed she. Had an affair with Trump a few more details about last night's deadly capsizing. Vote in Missouri that has left at least seventeen. People dead don't county sheriff Doug Rader saying two. More bodies were recovered overnight divers continue to search the area for more Missing people all, night and a very. Trying he says the duck boat is, sitting in about eighty feet of water among the victims of the boats driver the captain survived governor Mike Parsons but right now our main focus all of. Us should be at across this country should be our thoughts and our prayers should be with the members that, have been involved the family members are out there family members that. Are in the, hospital the, NTSB will have a team on the. Scene by the afternoon Ryan burrow ABC news Zone a ballot initiative now faces a lawsuit to clean energy for healthy Arizona. Received nearly five hundred thousand signatures. To get on, the ballot but a lawsuit filed yesterday suggested one hundred ninety five thousand of those signatures, belong to people outside of the state the signatures were.

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