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Ten twenty four central time. CCOO our phone number six five one nine eight nine nine two to six and toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two to six. So here's a story. I Muhammad Ali. Back in sixty four when cashes clay joined the nation of Islam and changes named Mohammed Ali he had a straightforward explanation. When he was asked about that. He he answered the question with a question. Why should I keep my white slave masters name visible? Am I black ancestors invisible on knowing honored then it was more of an abstract abstract concept a statement against white oppression? Ali did not know much. If anything about his ancestors zone family tree decades later, though. Ali's family has made a discovery that appears to shed new light on the boxers lineage where he came from an also was place in American history. Ali according to his family's research. Ready for this is the great great great grandson of Archer, Alexander a slave who here roic fought for both his own freedom and against slavery. Alexander escape from bondage. And fed information to the union army during the civil war. He was later the model for the sleeve depicted in the emancipation proclamation memorial emancipation memorial, a statue in Lincoln park about a mile east of the US capital. Jonathan figure Jonathan is the author of Ali your life. So the beautiful thing about Ali is that he acted all along as if you were royalty that he had a claim to greatness. I said all he spent much of his life, attacking racist ideas. If he had known that has great great great. Grandfather was such a brave and intelligent, man. It surely would have strengthened his argument after being alerted to the families discovery in recent weeks, I investigated the claim and then included it in the paperwork addition of the biography, which comes out this week. He said to the best of my ability to confirm this it checks out. Ali's daughter Mariam. So that her fodder would have been proud to call Alexander family. He would love knowing. He was connected to someone like that. He was a head of people and understanding that there was a connection that went back through slavery to the kings and queens in Africa. The discovery was made by ALI'S third. Cousin Keith Winstead who has retired from a career in computer manufacturing? And is something of an amateur genealogist. Winstead discovered the connection between Ali and Alexander while conducting research on the website Twenty-three in me. The finding is supported by DNA evidence. Which according to Mary, Molly. Was collected. When Ali and his wife Lani participated in a study with twenty three and me to raise awareness for Parkinson's disease which Ali suffered. Another gas that we should get on hammer. This is this is absolutely fabulous. We can learn more. We'll get Mr. wagon. Alexander was born into slavery in Virginia and eighteen thirteen before he was sold and taken the Missouri. The Missouri remained neutral during the civil war. Alexander was owned by a confederate sympathizer. There are a lot of those Missouri. And in eighteen sixty three he learned that confederate troops had saved. Her head sought a train bridge that union soldiers were planning to cross. He walked five miles to war in the union army, potentially saving hundreds of lives. They also passed along information about hidden arms. Accused of feeding information to the enemy in with his safety. Endanger Alexander ran away, the beating slave catchers by climbing out of a tavern window before he reached Saint Louis. He later arranged for the escape of his wife and children. Alexander said, go for your freedom f you dies for it. You found work in Saint Louis was a gardener for William greenleaf Eliot Washington University's co founder and the grandfather of the poet TSA Elliott. Elliot obtained an order of protection for his employees, though, slave catchers came for Alexander again beating catching him before Elliott produced a protective order to secure his release. We'll try and get Mr Guy. Yeah. We can go into more detail on this because this is really really fascinating. I always I always liked Mohammed Ali. And what he did that people just aren't aware of the money that he that he donated to various charitable organizations that he never said a word and wanted to be kept confidential. He was a good, man. One of the greatest athletes of all time. We'll continue taking your calls are phone number six five one nine eight nine nine two to six an toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two two six ten thirty on C O. Or Android smartphone?.

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