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You are not ask about get a bundle of money from Tesla confirmed that CEO Ilan mosque will get the first tranche worth nearly seven hundred seventy million dollars of a stock based compensation package triggered by the company meeting several financial metrics the electric car company says in a U. S. regulatory filing that Tesla's board certified that must earn the big payout the filing says must come by one point six nine million shares of Tesla stock for three hundred fifty dollars and two cents each but it wasn't clear whether he had exercised the stock options the news comes as musk's other company SpaceX also embarks upon America's attempt to return to launching astronauts into space Keith Peters reporting to lions mauled critically injured a zoo keeper inside their enclosure to close Australians do emergency services called to the Shoalhaven zoo where a thirty five year old woman suffered serious head and neck injuries more of the story it's a town hall dot com has your self esteem taken his due to erectile problems weight gain or lack of libido you don't have to live in.

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