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Also says overrated, the moody blues On board with that NWEA Bazars racist I don't know when you get to the. Top ten I don't think he can make that. Argument anymore He just said he knows they're controversial lyrics. Says they're more of a footnote in rock history but. There's not much to them beyond their first album Yeah Can't argue the musical merits of NWEA Joan Jett, says One of the worst. Bands and the rock hall is Joan Jett the, Blackhawks she. Never recorded a better than not unlistenable album much. Less a great one. Her hits were covers and live the Blackhawks were decent And then the chili peppers rounds out the top ten of. Worst boy Howdy I want to disagree with that, but Anthony Keates is the. World's most highest paid singer who. Doesn't sing on key Listen man what you're talking about worse bands in their the chili peppers? Are. Not. Even close to being in the top ten to me no, me either I mean there's there listenable to me do you guys want, to. Hear what he has his top. Ten favorites yeah okay go from the most replaceable Rolling Stone in the Rolling Stones Bill Wyman? He told me you never listen to his sweet bass licks and said no one else can replicate that. I do think. I'm the, only one who wants a. Copy solo album monkey grip glue I swear that's the name of it? And. I. Have it I didn't even know it existed does the second Don't even dare ask when. That came out Was it after Harambee What's it called again monkey. Grip glue monkey glue, you're looking at a it was a fine piece of. Work from Bill Wyman he said the top best acts, in the rock hall Chuck Berry at one Beatles. At, to Bob Dylan Elvis James Brown prince I think. Everybody is okay so far yeah I'm okay with it, for the most part number seven the Ramones no, come, on Gabby Hake You know, the the Ramones or? Another one of those bands where people love the rebound ceremonies, are so important and you say name five Ramones songs can they, do it? Can, you guys do it. Then. When they? Play, the ballpark can you guys between the two of you. Named five Ramon song blitzkrieg bop yes End of? List Rock and roll high school Yeah oh yeah rock rock rock I? Wanna be. Sedated yeah. Isn't. That. Hey ho. Let's go hey Okay Anyway because of timing number three songs and did him over and over. Again he says nirvana that ten best. Acts Criticism of. Other bands like one or two albums So, it's tough to take I like nirvana I do but. Top, ten all time time you listened to. Von, ah it's been a while it depresses me yeah me too I? Can't help but think? About Cobain and it. Just makes, me sad. Now you've listened to it. Robins I want. To sample, some Bill Wyman are there any lyrical monkey blue is. The, title track I don't think so there's. No, we're okay I remember if there's any. Problem here yeah all right we're? Just going to skip? A minute and a. Half into, the song sounds like a stones. Outside this is the only radio show in North America that's playing a cut from Bill. Wyman monkey grip glue album today guarantee that I don't know that he has the authority to judge the best and worst accident, wondering that's, that's that's the exclamation point here Talking about songs you won't hear, anywhere maybe think of this with nirvana.

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