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Thousands of companies created hundreds of thousands of jobs. I know what it takes to build a successful business have supported Republicans in the past. But I support Dan McCreadie. He's a fellow marine smart hard working and plays by the rules. Partnered with Dan because I trust here. He worked make North Carolina leader in solar power. Creating hundreds of jobs in congress. He'll do what he did in business work with the Republicans and Democrats to get the job. I'm Dan Creedy snipers dismasted. It's ironic McCall who's done a lot for Charlotte. He's a good liberal Democrat. He's voted for a couple of Republicans. He says it is TV ad. He was also an investor in the solar power company. The Dan McCreevy's meant a lot of money off of off of tax credits of the tax code in North Carolina. Well, I think you said it in a couple of words there your introduction of even that is he's a good liberal Democrat. And I think that that continues to be the the fact of the matter that folks have got to understand foot. This election is really about. And I think it's interesting you point out that the whole solar energy aspect of it and the tax credits that my opponent has really built his business that has really dependent on those tax credits to be able to be successful and those tax credits not only have caused the people of North Carolina. But on top of that has citizens in our taxes. It's called the ratepayers whoever's on energy because they.

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