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Degrees. We've got sunshine in Boston. It's 12 noon on your Friday afternoon. Good afternoon. Thanks for being with us Very busy day in the newsroom on Lori Kirby. Here's what's happening. Topping our news this noon hour. The Massachusetts attorney general just announced indictments in connection with a Koven 19 deaths. Of 76 veterans over the whole your soldiers home double Karen Regal. With more on our top story. Bennett Walsh has gone from Marine two unemployed accused criminal in the span of just a few years, Attorney General Maura Healey, announcing a grand jury is indicting him and his former medical director, Dr David Clinton. At the Holy Oak Soldiers home. A grand jury returned indictments against Walsh and Clinton for causing or permitting serious bodily injury or neglect of an elder During the Kobe 19 outbreak. Each defendant is facing 10 accounts total Five counts for the criminal neglect challenged in five counts for the serious bodily injury charged, Healy said. No veteran should have died the way they did it. Holyoke Theeighty was asked if Walsh was qualified for the position he held. She said No. Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio 12 01, the body of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now at the U. S. Capitol. Ready. Ready, Ready? Ginsberg lying in state at the Capitol building in Statuary Hall. She becomes the first woman and Jewish person to ever receive that honor in the United States and while attends political battle rages on over her replacement, the partisan feud will be briefly for gotten today while the ceremonies are underway. ABC is Terry Moran from the Supreme Court. She will be laid to rest next week in Arlington National Cemetery that ground of heroes next to her beloved husband, Marty Ginsburg, who died in 2010 Nation paying its final respects publicly today. Here at the Capitol President Trump is set to announce his pick for the Supreme Court nomination tomorrow from the White House. Keep it right here over the weekend on Devil BBC News radio in the I Heart radio app. Who was being considered for the Supreme Court. More on Amy Cockney Barrett, the front runner on the president's list. She is about his conservative, A sitting appeals court judges you will find she has cast votes during her just three years on the seventh Circuit that make clear that she holds an extremely expensive view of the Second Amendment so would likely vote to strike down. Gun regulations. She seems to have even a more expansive view of the Second Amendment. Then Justice Scalia, her old boss, who wrote the Heller decision that identified an individual right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment. She has cast votes that I think reflected deep skepticism of Roe versus Wade in a constitutional protection for abortion. ABC is Kate Shaw with that report and coming up a move from Governor Baker ahead of planned protest tonight in the city of Boston. 12 03 traffic and weather together and we say Good afternoon on your Friday. To Kevin Brennan. Joining us now live with the super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes..

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