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So done I kind of want to ask you some news of the day in the couple minutes. We have remaining. What do you make of this entire Democrat field? And you've known Mike Bloomberg and kind of his whole machine if you will for years you being growing up in New York. Both your family's obviously came in contact with each other. What are we supposed to make this? What do you know about Mike Bloomberg that the country needs to know the reality? I guess you know talking to another sort of mutual friend of my father's and his this is a case study of whether you can just buy the presidency or not you see him. I mean I'm getting hit up and obviously I have a big presence on social media Probably one of the most engaged people from the right You know and all of these things I mean the influencers that Mike Bloomberg is paying literally are demanding meeting like hey listen. I'm getting these offers sort of how I make my living. I really don't want to do it for them. But it is how I make my living. Can you guys do this? And try to match this. Y- they're literally going around trying to make him cool it. You see the reaction he gets from others. You see the commentary about the stop and Frisk like you see the way he looks at people more importantly and again stop and Frisk has been the controversy of the week and honestly I. I almost don't even care what your opinion is on the policy. But the way that he spoke about minorities in those communities you could hear he doesn't think of them as human that he was talking about that subject. You take the kids you throw up against the wall. You put all the cops in those neighborhoods. You don't do anything about that. You Know Oh you you want to know what a criminal looks like. It says dear rocks copy. You know minorities between eighteen and thirty five. That's what a criminal looks like. He doesn't think people as Human I. It's why someone can literally go up to. It might be trolling him and he doesn't even realize he's being trolled. But when you have two billion I mean think about that you know. He's willing to spend to bill. He doesn't have to take the time the energy to go raise money from people. He doesn't have to create. Hire the best people and just literally say we'll give you whatever you want. He's done that. Whatever you need. Go Get out there trying to make me cool. Try to do this. And so this guy this other sort of billionaire. That does both like it. It is really a case. Study to see if you can spend enough money to buy and manipulate the American people. Because he can't do it with his personality the one thing he loves by his personality but he can try to create one online by paying people a lot of money by overpaying. It like think of what? He's spent the best far to not have any delegates he's literally spent almost as much probably already did not have a delegate as we did to win the actual presidency. He's spent ten x what the other Democrats have done and like you and I both casinos. Because we're on the roadway like fundraising and raising money is the most time consuming and hardest part of that job. Just say you know what we just bypass that I'll stroke a check so there's great irony that you know. This guy is now going to be a one of the leaders of the Democrat billionaire. Who is a Republican? Then in in the and then he's flip flopped on every issue is now going to spend whatever it takes to drive for policies that may or may not actually do anything to the Democrat base. He will then spend billions to manipulate said voter into voting for him to stop trump. Who's actually done incredible things to benefit all Americans I I mean I'm looking at distance. Sort of laughing right. You have an old super rich White Guy. Who was you know? Flip flopped between parties for decades has said that if trump said in again not policy the way he said them. It would be over in terms of the racist dialogue. You know over and over again. And it's like got the leader of the Democrat Party like what the Hell is going on with that party and it sort of mind blowing but you know I guess maybe when you look at the other options. Maybe that's the best you got. But like the the one thing I'll say is look Bernie whether you agree with the policies or not like he actually has a real his people that actually believe in him and I think that means more than the money meaning. Hillary spent what four or five times? What we spent last time around has the best team the BASS experts the greatest this that and the other because there was a shoe in and I don't know we did pretty good. You know we we will you. The reality is I would actually take sort of a real following as opposed to a following any day You know well. Enron Boeing is showing that. Really when you're paying someone twenty bucks an hour to go knock on doors. I'm here for my gloom or why I don't know the burning supporter. But they're paying me twenty bucks an hour so I'll do it if a little different than engaging you know. Hundreds of thousands of people are like. I'm here because I believe in this and I'm not getting paid to do it. That such important point and it's it might Bloomberg is the opposite of the Maga doctrine and to a to a lazy onlooker or journalists. They might say oh. It's the same. It's billionaire Mike Bloomberg Billionaire Donald Trump everything Mike Bloomberg stands for is a globalist pro China. Anti-american open border anti-constitution agenda everything. We haven't even gotten there yet. But look at his comments on China. I mean literally pro anti US look at the comments about Russia and the Ukraine. I mean he's. He's literally taking the approach that the Democrats have been complaining about for the last eight weeks nine weeks. Put it like during the their hoax. Like you know your his guy can like okay well. He's got a lot of money and maybe he can beat trump. So we're just GONNA ask. What does that say about the Democrat Party and what they really believe like they don't have an actual thought leader day. They're just like oh whatever anything but trump so okay we will put by and put aside all of our actual all of these things to elect the guy that ran for mayor of New York Republican Bob. It's insane but but they do it. They have no backbone. They will do it because they'll do whatever they can. Describe Bernie they. They're they're truly. Aren't you know? Suffering from trump derangement syndrome completely and ideas are so dangerous and corrosive to our country. And Your father did not. It's almost like Mike. Bloomberg is forcing himself into the race. Your father ran and announced and from the moment he went down. That escalator was met with a grassroots fire. Populist Good Sil- nationalist enthusiasm. That has not stopped. Mike Bloomberg has spent three hundred fifty million dollars and he can draw maybe thirty people to an event. There's no spirit. There's no energy your father was a vessel for forgotten. America Mike Bloomberg is a plutocratic on vanity mission trying to preserve his legacy or just trying to find the common touch that he might not live forever with his. You know pseudo media empire that he's created it's completely two completely different things and so don last question. I got is kind of going into this. Now that we see an actual socialist that is going to be the nominee maybe the nominee of the party. I should say we don't know might be Bloomberg. Might Be Bernie. I don't think it's going to be Biden's when you call that. For a while Biden remember what state he's in fifty percent of the time like Donald trump mix up Iowa and Ohio. One they say he has dementia. He totally locked it. I mean Joe Biden and mix it up. Oh Ohio on a daily basis and it's like Oh that's totally totally fine. There's nothing corrupt about him. Taking billions of the family getting all these government contracts that if trump actually was doing I you know carpet under get an interesting sort of threat. Unders basically mega-guys finding literally is everything that the less claims. Donald trump is right that they're totally wrong about. He's not particularly bright. He's not gonNA stop. He's got all these weird corruption get. They've got a kid taking millions from corrupt regimes and like influencing government and using his publicly funded office to to Leech off and live in incredible life. Like Joe Biden is all of the things they say about our family that we're literally not doing any of the irony is so incredible but that's the way it's like. Hey it's all up in the air but I just don't think they're gonNa let Bernie Habit and I think again the last time. They gave us a candidate that had no real following but whose turn it was or had no real following but had a lot of money it worked out great for us so I really want the DNC to use their intimate wisdom To help take a candidate for an electorate that they're clearly out of touch with because every time they do it seems to really worked to our benefit completely and look there might be some funny business behind Bernie Sanders. Who knows. I mean they might not let this guy get the nomination at all in in even if he gets the most amount of delegates like I said. Hey I saw it in eighteen. This time four years ago we still had zero percent chance of winning and it was a flash in the PAN monthly. I don't know there's thousands of people showing up every day you know in random lasers in small towns across like Bernie has got the same thing you know. I don't I don't WanNa take that lightly I mean you know all else being equal. Would I rather run against Bernie or Bloomberg right now? It's like I you know I sort of want six months. One on one with Bloomberg his policies start coming out as starts doing as you start going back to his history like you know on paper. Come on you know. They'll say well. He's a billionaire it's fine. So trump trump became a billionaire building building putting people to work construction guys blue collar America Bloomberg. Did it with computer. Engineers and programmers. You know if the president but trump actually has a pulse of real people. Because he's been dealing with them his whole life and that's something you know. The retail component of politics You're not GONNA you know I. It's the hardest aspect of it. It's one thing you really can't buy and do well if you don't have it naturally and you know it's still a really big part of this game. Though you know we we will test to see how many billions it takes to sort of chip into the you know very obvious advantage. That trump has versus. You know Bloomberg yeslam completely. Well done thanks so much man for for coming on here and thanks for right in the forward to the book. Maga- doctrine super greatly appreciated. And I think we're in a good place you know. I'm trying to tell people not to be too cocky but I think our movement is stronger than ever got a lot of work to do though and everyone listening you know has Has got to buckle up. Because we're going to be in the fight for you know for a lifetime here. Congratulations on the book men. Go check it out And keeping up buddy. Thanks talk to you soon. What a great conversation with Donald Trump junior again e mail us your questions freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. That's freedom.

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