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The only coal healthy right now on the roster. I mean, at least for now, if I take another table spot though, it's not going to go well, so. You never know what happens after this week. WWE's in town, I'm concerned. Yeah, man. So today's show, all pro wrestling. Yes. Got a recap forbidden door. And blood and guts. Yes. And then second half of the show, after preview, money in the bank. Again, we just went through this. What? The excitement of not knowing who's going to win at least carries it. We'll talk about that. The money in the bank matches are most of the time very it's hard to mess up. I saw a man thrown off of a building. I thought I was going to say I was just like this is the time of year they remind me that they killed Rey Mysterio. They legit threw him off the side of WWE headquarters. And he came back to town. He came back two weeks. And A.J. Styles. Incredible. Everybody died. Ray Mysterio. There's now malachi black. At least that makes sense. Rey Mysterio is still just hanging his younger brother. Malachi black. We'll talk about that. I got opinions. The build sucks, but there's still going to be at least two really good guys. That's definitely that's definitely been kind of the WWE story as of late. They get to the pay per views. And at the pay per views so far, there's good material there, but the bill to them is. Yeah, if you're watching every week, you're a saint. Well, I'm the same thing 'cause I watch it every week. You watch it like you watch everything else. I just like side peripheral. It says the guy with 5 TVs. Right. That's true, just saying. WWE television doesn't even get 5 TVs anymore. It gets social media following. Like, I'll check every show. But it's only on social, giving me the clips, give me the IG and TikTok, and I get the best parts of the show. It takes me 6 minutes, and I'm out. Hey man, that's all they get. NXT's got people wrestling and snuggies. So that's pretty sweet. Man. Oh, well, that chick's characters, though, though. No, no, no. No, no, no, I need you. I'm not talking about when did you? I'm talking about Joe gacy. Joe gacy, he's two goons in his two monks, whatnot? I don't even know what you want. 'cause they cut the big dude. Yes. Yeah. So they wrestle in like the garbs. You can't see their faces. What? They look like stuff. I thought they were gonna eventually when you choose actually kind of fun. I like that. I like when she sleeps and then hits the elbow drop. Let's put it this way. That's the case of creative given you something, and there's a lot of people who can't pull that off. She's absolutely pulling it off. She's incredibly tired. Isn't it? Shout out to you. Shout out to when did you? Yes. That's one. Gacy, I don't know. It went from like, oh, you have a Wyatt quality. It moved too fast. They moved to first on that. They put them in a title for you that was completely unnecessary. Yeah, like before we knew anything about it, got rid of his muscle. This I don't know. This one we're not talking about. We're not talking about an HC two. Sorry guys, it's hard to watch. Sorry, I saw the snuggies, and I thought that was funny. So we've done a full show on forbidden door. But we want to take on some of these because me and produce a cold bay bay let the world know how we were left to our own devices and usually Dre is the one to make sure we all stay in check. It wasn't nothing too crazy. I didn't agree with Kel's take about Keith Lee that where he was at. I think he was totally fine in that tag match. I just don't think he should be in the tag team. I just don't know where else she put him right now. I just think you hold a man of that many accolades in a higher regard. Where? I mean, they're not doing shit else with the TNT title. Not that he had to be in a tidal field, or even the few that he's in if it was a singles feud with him in powerhouse Hobbes, like I'm okay. We're going to start. I love this view. I love the tag for you with powerhouse that starts in Keith Lee and Shane. I don't need Keith Lee and Shane together. Why? Because Keith Lee is above being his debut in a tag team. He just got here. So people get people get there and they are treated like a big deal sometimes. Mike came through immediately a big deal. Yes, because there was nobody else. Well, the roster was still in Moxley is a huge deal. All right. I'd say Adam Cole, who was my once again. Huge deal. Keith Lee, not as big as three years, not as big as more accomplishments, and they were in the exact same spot on the car. I don't care about it. I don't care about accomplishments. Adam Cole was more over the Keith Lee. It ended better. But I'm just saying he was more over. It ended better and be embarrassed. But this is the man. I'm just talking about over. This is the man who showed up at the Royal Rumble Broncos like the big ass boy. Yeah. This is last guy against Roman Reigns. This is someone where you look and be like, yeah, he can be a main title holder, main picture type of guy, especially in a company, and I'm not saying body types of shit, or the end all be all..

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