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All green arrows remain on the Bay Bridge. No mishaps, minor or major, So that's good. Hopefully, If that trend continues, we might ease out around dusk or thereafter. Eastbound delays have eased even though only two lines are open. Virtually no delay. If you're going east toward the shore, doing it the other way around Beltway all the way around. Traffic's moving well. Typical home bound traffic on eastbound 70 South down to 70 slow and stretches. Hagerstown, Myersville Frederick Bana Hyatte's town, but with no incidents blocking the way in the slow down to come in separate stretches. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway. Normal delay is actually better, much better than your typical weekday between the beltways and in Virginia on I 95 HP Traffic is slow only south of Quantico through Stafford, with the express lanes remaining open to southbound traffic. It's Dortmund 95. It's going to be a pain, especially at a Thornburg in Fredericksburg through Stafford and Prince William County since the express lanes are only open CHN 301 North backed up about four miles near Dahlgren and 66 eastbound after 28 Centerville. The crash is still blocking the right half two left lanes, forgetting by eastbound 66 westbound without incident between the Beltway. And front. Royal Silver Diner is now open in Ashburn, Virginia, enjoy their award winning menu featuring American classics and healthier options like their new vegan roasted tomato entree. Silver Diner much more than a diner, Dave Golden w. T. O P. Traffic to storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford. It is a warm and muggy afternoon across the region. Nothing on radar. There's a slight chance for thunderstorms into the evening hours, mainly over the.

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