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Give a big receiver. An opportunity makes them tested catches. It could be opposite, but he's GonNa shied away from that. Those type of throws and he also has an ability to run so i. mean for our Mike. Williams Hunter Henry, you know. The season could be. Dramatically different depending on how many starts each guy makes so, it's so hard to say with all those guys and y you know Taylor ranked higher. I think we all probably love to rank higher with the hope that he's the starter for sixteen games, but it would be I, think at least for me a downgrade for the receiving core. I. In in these two comparisons, even if I think he's right, they're going to be very run. Run dominant, but I could see Harry. Seven touchdowns still You know not not much more than than fifty catches because I do think the targets will be low, but some big play ability to. Okay, yeah. I was surprised when I looked at this NFC. ADP Hunter Henry Ninety Seventh So that's. Pretty low thought. I I'm sorry. That sounds like it's off topic, but I just think Keenan. Alan Keenan Allen fifty-six Hunter Henry, Ninety Seventh Mike Williams, one hundred, twenty fourth, maybe just. People were pretty down on drafting any of those. Even on their ADP's I'm not drafting Keenan Allen anywhere for these reasons, the Jamie just said, and you decide you want. Williams Susan your list. You're not draft Mike Williams is the one charger that I might end up with A. who I love and who I had on a bunch of teams last year. We've talked about him a lot I just concerned about facile I. He's not GonNa Catch Ninety passes again or close to it and is efficiency as to drop a ton, but we can talk about some another day. Mike Williams is the one guy in considering the two couples one his. His eighteen point, two average depth to target was I. Think two point five yards higher than any other player that had at least seventy five targets last year he was a wholly downfield. Chuck it up and Parade Type Player, and he made a lot of place he had over twenty yards perception yet over a thousand yards, even though he only caught forty nine balls. that. Doesn't necessarily need heavy volume to translate the weird thing is he only caught two touchdowns? You just noted he caught ten touchdowns the year before on forty three receptions. We know he can catch some touchdowns and he's so cheap. That's the main point but but you guys are right about the volume tyrod Taylor thing. I also WANNA throw in here is. He, not only a has a very high scramble rate. He has an extremely high sack rate. He tends to hold the ball and try to create plays in both of those elements. Basically quarterback has three outcomes when they dropped back to pass either they run, they get sacked or they throw a pass, and so Taylor winds up with a really low percentage of pass attempts per dropback so like he said yes, some of it is play calling that didn't call a lot past when news with Greg Roman, but some of it also Taylor when He. He dropped back to pass. He's more likely than most any other quarterback to do. One of those other two things either take off and run or get sacked. Then throw a pass He's not more likely to throw a pass, but more likely than other quarterbacks will be, but yeah. Williams is the one guy I think could pair with him as one guy. That's cheap enough that I could have some touchdown. Luck bounce back doesn't need one hundred targets at his massive downfield depth, and I think that Peres well with Taylor's ability to create time. And again the saccharine indicates it, but there's going to be times where he doesn't get brought down. And then who's he gonNA? Look for Downfield. I think some of those big plays could definitely be there for Williams. I think he's just like A. he said he's outside the top fifty zero at like forty five still, but you can draft this guy again other draft last run. Well I. Don't know about that. He's one hundred and twenty third. Not I'm sorry not to be a jerk, but that's you know that's tenth eleventh round. So you do have to make somewhat have been it. It's still late pick, but it's something of an investment. He goes right after Henry Rugs and right before John, Brown and Justin Jefferson had you guys feel about that for Mike Williams. I would rather have brown but. For me, but I see it one more thing with I don't know the rest of the schedule of my head, but got four games against her Davis White and exuding Howard's last Byron Jones, so that's not easy. And they have I think they play the NFC west. Which has Patrick Peterson. Jalen Ramsey I. think they play them. Somebody confirm that let's go to our next guys. For Ben. Ben Sammy Oh. Let's lump. These veterans together Sammy Watkins into Sean Jackson. Basically they're just target guys There's been some talk that Jackson could be the number one receiver for failure. We don't know how healthy he'll be same with Watkins. There are some reasonably that if he's the number if he's there number two receiver for the chiefs, and it wasn't great all last year, but he did end up having a really good playoff run. He's GonNa. GonNa crush value outside the tenth round. It's just a question of whether Michael Hartmann plays for Jackson's the question of how much jalen rigor plays in how much the tight ends are involved, but if these guys are in roles that it looks like they might be able to stay healthy, they're both going to be just massive steals for as long as they're healthy. Dan on Jackson Week one in every bff. Playing the REDSKINS. No his week one so I was looking up the other day so. Twenty sixteen. He went six for one zero to ten targets. Twenty seventeen was bad twenty eighteen. He had..

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