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I'm Tony Romeo in Harrisburg a Chester County man is charged with concealing the death of a stillborn baby while dealing with. regions of injuries the eagles. the jets on Sunday mostly cloudy skies eighty four degrees going down to sixty three. our top story at nine OO one a federal judge has ruled that the non profit safe house can legally open the safe injection site in Philadelphia Hey why W. city hall bill treat path of report judge Gerald McCue is ruled in a lawsuit brought by US attorney William explain which sought to bar safe house from opening arguing that a federal law known as the crack house statute makes it illegal for any place to operate for the purpose of using illegal drugs in a fifty five page opinion make you says he examined the text of the law and material surrounding its passage and concluded there is no support for the view that Congress meant to criminalize projects such as that proposed by safe house safe house would allow users to inject under medical supervision to prevent fatal overdoses safehouse vice president run to gold find welcomes the ruling but says safe house will continue to proceed with caution we're not trying to surprise anybody or behave in a dell like way and rush out we recognize these are serious matters of concern for the public Pat Lok KYW newsradio. whose attorney bill Mike Swain says the opinion is merely the first step in a much longer legal process that will play out the department of justice says any attempt to open what it calls illicit drug injection sites in other jurisdictions while this case is pending will be met with immediate legal action will still no classes for to Philly schools after response this is found in the building they share.

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