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But what they've had to do to deal with it right. i mean. We talked to a mayor mayor of weeks ago. And the fact that windsor is partially lamoure county and partially weld county makes his job incredibly difficult. Really looking forward to that and then In a month we're going to be talking with the chamber. Directors of greeley loveland and fort collins so all three of those Women will be here talking with me for a round table coming up as well. What does it look like. How do you benefit different businesses in each of those respective community so be looking forward to Those roundtable discussions that. We're going to be having coming up in the very near future. Your house not running at the right temperature. He needs to figure it out. You need to get Dusty rhodes solutions out there to take a look at it. Nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy two nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy two. I'm not really the the so mechanically inclined I i can you know messed up a little bit more. I'm not afraid to dive in. But whenever i've had an issue it's hey hey dusty. I don't know exactly what's going on here but something's not working can figure it out. Yeah i'll be there tomorrow. And every single time he gets the job done dusty rhodes with their solutions. Nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy two nine hundred zero three five six seventy seventy two when we come back on. The other side peterson director of Digital producer rather for nine news. We'll talk with him on the other side. It's no co now prisoner the jeanine nine agencies on northern car on his voice one one thirteen ten. Kfi well vic fangio got out coached by a special teams coordinator. Last week against the raiders. And now they go up against the cleveland. Browns on thursday night we bring in digital sports producer for nine news. We'll peterson willa. Surfers without raiders. Game that was everything that broncos fans were hoping not to see. Yeah i told you. Last week it was going be ugly. Because i thought the final score was gonna be low. I didn't realize the broncos getting their butts kicked was the reason it was going to be so ugly that was that was that felt like rock bottom and give me another twelve hours and we may hit a new rock bottom but that felt like rock. Bottom on sunday it was it was a it was like vance. Joseph s clause when they were losing you know by thirty plots and they. They lost nine in a row..

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