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Week four takeaways. There wasn't much. There was thomas citing a lot of him. In fact ben wrote a story about average draft positions on other websites. If you're drafting on other websites this weekend who's going to high who's going to low. I would like to take a look at our fantasy football today draft that we did yesterday and not just brag about the first two picks that i i made barclay and girly but also just takeaways that could help you and then if we have time we'll go over some average draft position just overall and see a round by round how much we can get to ah ben jerry. Jones is says he's operating as if ezekiel elliott will miss regular season games but not all of them. So when would you take ezekiel elliott and if you're gonna say around one please specify when in round one you would take him. I mean i'm not really comfortable taking him. If if i if i had a choice at the back end of round one i i might i would be. It'd be hard to pass him up like at the one to turn <hes> <hes>. I'm not putting any stock in jerry. Jones's said jerry jones has lied to us plenty of times before but <hes> i am putting stock in the fact that the season starts art very soon and he hasn't reported yet so they're like. There's there's legitimate reason for concern <hes> i haven't been in a position where i've had to make that decision a lot of leagues and i they're just guys i'd rather take him a first round typically <unk> okay you're sitting there with the twelfth pick and he falls to take zeke elliot probably yeah i mean i think at that point it's pretty tough to pass them up in the probably just reach on <hes> tony pollard and jobe back i mean i definitely think ezekiel ezekiel. It's gonna play until nineteen and i don't think he's going to miss half the season either. I kinda think this jerry jones thing is trying to get him back trying to you know he just keeps talking about adam. He got some bad flack last time he talked about zeke and his agent weren't happy about making the zeek who comment now. It seems like he's trying to show to me. The irony is trying to show that he's taking this seriously. I mean we'll see what happens. It's a it's a it's a the the hardest question i've gotten this offseason especially because leaving on bell the entire last year is what to do with zeke and what to do with melvin gordon. We don't really know what's going to happen. I still expect them to be back to top. Five picks when the draft process started at least in a lot of jamie. When would you take ezekiel elliott. I probably would take him as early as eight overall in a non p._b._r. League and ten overall and peter okay so obviously the big three running backs hopkins adams. That's five who else are we looking at that echo ahead of ezekiel elliott right now for you in non p._b._r. I would take james connor and nick chubb ahead of him in p._r. Would take julio jones and did you just mr adam and connor job and connor okay and so we'll okay will first of all you relate to the draft yesterday. Rado surprise will is walking likely late brinson but you took ezekiel elliott fifth overall and then in round eight. You could've taken tony power. You took vance mcdonald. Donald over tony powered vasic bottles not gonna win you your fantasy league and then tony power went with the very next pick. I believe dave richard so that's why i'm making fun of you today. Eh you got to be willing to reach a little will not only made that mistake but he took some chances not only taking zeke elliott at five overall. He also drafted marlin when mac antiwar hilton though not that those guys are bad players but you're taking a lot of risk with guys that are in some questionable situations now comparatively to where they were so he took them.

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