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Have a good time oh yeah it's a it's an excellent to, learn about wind because it's not intimidating in, the least. When a comic is involved, very good and so tell us what you know, how does this role through the left. Seller You mean the entire festival our yeah so it starts tomorrow and we've got are opening night show at seven. Thirty and then Friday we've got her spitting smaller show got a late night show at ten pm on on Friday July twentieth which is going to be really amazing we're excited we've never. Done a, late night, show at the club so we're excited about that and then Saturday we've got our seven thirty pm show. And then. Sunday we finish out what the three, pm matinee and Monday Lisa collapses and I Monday yes How's how's he going at the. Laugh seller. It's real it's. Going, great we we are having a great time producing. Shows onsite we all, you know we started, our production, you know roaming around to different wineries in the, snow valley and it's kind. Of interesting we're having a calling back. To that we've had a lot of of our former wind partners reach out to us, and say, we miss, you know, doing shows we've done a few pop-up shows back. Off site we've also kind of expanded into Napa doing regular shows at Charles Krug winery. And nice. Very. Good yeah so it's been super fine where we, know we my wife, and I we also have a one, year old so, ill boy a lot lot of comedy going on at. Home That's what you. Call it okay well that's that's a very very positive of you to call it that, that's very, good so, it's four, days and nights four nights I should say at. The left seller and it begins to Morrow through Sunday and then what's the best way. To get. Tickets. Lisa just visit our website the last seller dot, com.

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