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Brenna Woodruff's going to get the start for for Milwaukee. It's an interesting set up for the playoff Rosser. 'cause the brewers have starting pitchers with with fair amount of track record. I mean, they trade for GIO Gonzalez. You and I were talking about what they could put together at the deadline for somebody like Jacob degrom, for instance, and obviously that didn't happen, but they have this is not like the Oakland a.'s where they just have a bunch of guys who they pulled off the street and they made twelve starts this season. Dave, but they left chase Anderson, author Ostra, for instance, and that's leaving them with sort of a emiss- match of guys who can go three or four innings. And I, I don't know how trust for the Wade Bilje as opposed season versus Woodruff versus hobby. Garra for instance, it game too. It seems like the plan now is to go for Gyulay's CHAI seen on short rest, but to to keep a leash, keep a short leash on him and go to the bullpen early. And so I think the big challenge for Craig counsel is sort both of these managers I think are in a position where they're going to have to manage a lot. And the big challenge for council be monitoring the innings 'cause you can get Corey can able Jeremy Jeffers to probably throw in every game with an off day every other day or sorry, every third day in the series, even if it goes five but managing the multi, any workloads for guys like burns or guys like Josh hater I think will be the big channels for him. He. Yeah, and I'm. A little skeptical of this plan because it's not just about winning the series. It's about winning this series and the next one and the next one after that. And even if you're relievers, hold up, find for these first game is the need to last the entire month. I'm not sure how much putting this burden on them. So early will affect them. Later on Craig counsel knows this better than I do. But someone like Josh hater didn't pitch on consecutive days once in September, and he also struggled in September. So is basically ensuring that relievers like him and Jimmy Jeffers who pitched more stressful innings than almost any reliever in baseball. This year, more innings, the best route when at some point in the plaster going to need guys like GIO Gonzalez to win games, you ju- Gonzalez's pretty good. And at some point you'll need rely on a starter other than chassis. And is that what you think too? Are you more confident in this plan? I think you particularly the first round of the playoffs. You get so many off days that I think the challenge will be when you hate her and for how long and even if you don't use hater in a given game, you still have Canaveral Jeffers and and burn. So you can go to guys who have been really good out of the bullpen and you add the thing about having four or five guys who maybe you just got to seek out those low lever Jennings when you can try to get Miley in a favorable matchup Garin a favorable matchup and you've got to do a really good job of picking your spots almost to the extent that Terry Francona did in two thousand sixteen with Andrew Miller. And we talked about Andrew Miller running outta gas or or the risk of somebody like hater running out of gas Miller's unhittable until literally game seven of the World Series. If they closed that off in five or six, that plan works. So the other thing I would say to that is the brewers have won one playoff series in. In the past thirty five years. So let's get out of this round and then we'll figure out what comes next. That's sort of how I would have purchase. If I regret counts, I'll be cognizant certainly of building a longtime or a long-term workload. But let's take care of this first..

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