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Here in the state of Michigan. This is according to a Washington Post analysis twelve hundred of them are federal employees who work in the federal department of agriculture nine hundred work in the department of treasury seven hundred and the department of transportation, they're really spread throughout the state. If there is no authorization of funding tomorrow, some say the deadline could be as late as midnight Thursday. But the you're supposed to go out and Friday, unless they're authorized our first palest payday would be on Friday. And for those of you that worked over the weekend. Trying put your taxes together to get that refund to get the return in the mail. So you can get a refund this month. That is in jeopardy. There was over five billion dollars refunded to several million taxpayers in at by debris of last year. This goes on another week or two that will be significantly delayed, and there's also legislation pending tomorrow that the Democrats are going to we'll talk about that. And later, let's get to Tim and Brownstown understand what he's thinking about. This. Does this meet your standard for a national crisis? Tim rally around twenty five years ago, but privately somebody with a little common sense is bringing the issue to the table. You know, seventy thousand overdoses at hair, Wayne at all. That's like one Vietnam war every year national security risk and. Yeah, absolutely. One hundred percent build that wall were for legal immigration get in line at come through the proper way. That's what he's talked about his entire time. And he does it say all beta yet fake. He's never sat. Daddy said. There's a lot of good journalist out there. You know? You know, he spends half. He spends his time on Twitter bashing the media, you're you're this guy's not by Tim. Let me ask you this. You raise the Fenton. Listen. That's right. Most of our federal coming into this country comes in from China. So the the the wall is not going to help us there. Most of the heroin comes in through ports of entry and unless we beef up border security there the walls not going to help us there either because Saudi ports of entry. So let's be clear about is not going to do. It was ninety percent of. Ninety percent comes across the southern border and their right? But it comes through ports of entry in trucks in personal vehicles building a wall isn't going to help you get that effective in interdicting that what about the two hundred and seventy five billion dollars. It costs the taxpayers to deal with the legal immigration. You know, data set that number and not one journalist rebutted that. So that's gotta be true. And he's asking for five billion dollars. Actually, I'm not so sure that the fact checkers didn't rebuff that. But I'll have to check on that during the break. Okay, tim. But I appreciate your call. Always good speaking with you, my friend have yourself a good Monday. And we'll look forward to to the address tomorrow at nine o'clock, and we look forward to continuing this conversation. If you're already on the line by all means stay there. We will continue through after Marie headlines on the half hour. And if you want to join on that conversation, one eight hundred eight five nine zero. WJR one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven year on the guy Gordon show, NewsTalk seven sixty WJR. Seven sixty WJR news Maria ask as we gear up for the afternoon commute. There will be a major problem on the roadways. Eastbound I knew before it's seventy five continues to be closed due to a crash eastbound lanes of the freeway closed, the left shoulder and left lane Centre Lane of westbound are also closed. We'll get a complete look at this coming up in traffic at a moment. President Trump says he will address the nation Tuesday night about what he says is a crisis at the US Mexico border. The president's primetime address will come amid a partial government shutdown. The president just recently tweeted saying that he will give an address to the nation on the quote humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border. He said that address will happen tomorrow night at nine pm eastern. What is unclear is? Which networks if any have accepted the White House's request for this prime time address bar Brown. Reporting a guilty plea the Uber driver charged in the two thousand sixteen Kalamazoo. Shooting spree that left six people dead and two others wounded pleading guilty to all the charges this morning in court. It was a surprise move. And this was with jury selection under way. Jason Dalton will now spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole and unthinkable tragedy unfolding in northville where friends and family are mourning the death of an entire family on I seventy five in Kentucky over the weekend. The family returning from a Florida vacation early Sunday morning there. SUV hit by a wrong way driver that police believe might have been drunk penal services plan for the Abbass family. The driver of the pickup truck also died. Osama boss forty to his wife. Dr Reema Abbass thirty eight Ali Abbass, fourteen Giselle was seven and Isabela thirteen all died in the crash. Dr Abbass worked at Beaumont.

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