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Point. Six nine billion dollars and this is interesting. This is reminiscent of like Like aqua finance. You're playing early at working hands. And then you're able to get some aqua whatever and then you state your do your liquidity and then you put it into this pool and you're actually earning new so this is this is fine married is. I'm actually with nidia. In the shoutouts. From our friends record downton acts of with barnaby and oval of locked room. On this she walks shutdowns where basically sheba can. Then get your big tokens while you're going to provide liquidity and then you're going to earn bone seattle big fats berry soi and move and bone folly. So basically you're able to stay your sheba and adequately rural near able to earn bone. You're able to distinct your era sheba and wolf it up. I don't know there's lots of stuff going on with this thing. As long as it takes some time to understanding your right barnaby and noble did a great job in their video so producer earn. Let's make sure that we get that. In there. I managed to Adds to the liquidity pool for sheep and bone and it's making three hundred eighty four point six percent right now which means bone is coming in. I'm not getting boned. I'm getting bone bone thugs and harmony. I've actually done this as well and So i can actually go on my returns. It looks like to me right now. Having their i mistaken ruth positive. And this is raising so it swap providing about a hundred boats so far dollars so you can get wife not to be confused with rufus our dogs and we call him wolf who by the way here to four shelby referred to as lord rufus the mighty. He is now officially a scottish landowner. As is our producer. Aaron and she she'll be referred to as lady erin the producer of bed crypto via our lord. Actually eight hundred bucks. I've run aid bone and by bucks a pop but what happens is you're not able to withdraw all your all at once. You get one thirty pounds so can't go balls. The where do i take that. Meanwhile one final story which. I find really fascinating. This kid in india is name is gut jewish nake. He's thirteen years old. And he totally understands defy so he he was able to. He started by teaching people. How to code on his youtube channel and then he switched to smart contract consulting. His defy protocol polly garbage manages. Nearly a million dollars is thirteen years old. He's got to learn a solidity. And then. I defy about two to three months so it was free. Lance and launch projects is. Dude is thirteen years old two years younger than mike yet. Daughter my youngest. And i like i like the semi kids These types of articles get checked. Again you're launching. This kid's going to change the world right. He's he's going to be a leader..

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