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Human beings not only the doing it deliberately but we know the delinquent deliberately they can say are not but we know they are liquid they will look at wells fargo did they legitimately did robo signing look at that they made up two million accounts that was two months ago banks robo signing signed you name 'cause they couldn't find the paperwork that's called fraud you don't hires someone they actually sites they were actually literally opening up companies to make up the paperwork that you will usually sign of the closing because they miss his misplaced the paperwork or it got lost their camp fine and it so now you say okay show me the backed up where i signed it three hundred thousand dollars now because i don't believe i did it could be your wife it could be self y'all tell me why i did that noone conver case in loan now you're choosing me a fraud so my point is this this so many cameras out there you have to realise that when you the business with ethical people that care about your best interests not my best interests than it's going to work in your best interest when people do business with large banks in that we can get the information from a large bang that you ever gonna get from someone like myself as far as knowledge goes even on our just the regular mortgage mortgages out like day used to be we call we do what we call and i just was of the phone very close friend of mine who re who we refinanced was six months ago we put a first in a second together you built a beautiful backyard it looks like the rich guy yeltsin beautiful pool gorgeous infinity poll i just just wonderful people they they deserve the best out alive because did just wonderful human beings by but he dino i talk about my buddy dean all the time edina works on a largest companies in the country selling to restaurants food patino cells the you know he's at two hundred fifty he found tom paul had shaves his head he's a personable guy so he sells himself is he the cheapest guy in history street absolutely not probably the.

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