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On the fan across the country on CBS sports network. So it's starting to happen. These jobs are filling up in teams don't want to wait around too long because the support staff if you will the coaching staff of these teams refilled out as well and the more jobs to fill up, the more assistant coaches that goes somewhere else, and that's something that the jets to keep an eye on. So you've got the Broncos deciding on Fangio or Mike Mon check that'd be really awkward. If Mike Montek was in John Elway's house when Vic Fangio was hired. And then he had to get all his crap and left, and I would be really really awkward, but I would imagine it Mike munch exits. He's hanging out of John Elway's house probably gonna get that job. That's just a guess. Then you got the Browns the Browns are in the mix, and they want either Freddie kitchens, which they need to have him on the head coach or whatever. So Freddie kitchens who was the guy who was elevated dolphins of coordinator actor Todd Haley, and you Jackson were fired and Baker Mayfield had a great relationship with him. It seems like he is the guy in Cleveland or Kev. Stefanski who was the Vikings quarterback coach then offensive coordinator after they got rid of what's his face. John D Filipa what happens to Greg Williams? I don't know. But I'll tell you a place that I think it'd be awesome for him to be at. You'd have all these great personalities in one building. And that would be Arizona if he doesn't stay in Cleveland now, I don't know maybe him, Freddie, kitchens after that run. And they went on developed this great relationship and Freddie kitchens head coach, even though it's sort of awkward because Williams was the interbred coach and kitchens was assistant, but flip a little awkward, but maybe he keeps them there. But if he doesn't then there's your NFL defensive coordinator that cliff Kingsbury needs for credibility on that defense out in Arizona. That would be that would be the one for me. I don't know. I mean that that would make a lot of sense because he needs to hire a guy like that. So you got those two names in Denver. Those two names in Cleveland. It seems like Adam gays Mike McCarthy Matt rule. I mean, what do you think if you had to breakdown? The three finalists those the three finalists for the jets. Are you put tot monk it in there as monkey we even know? I mean seriously is it more than three finalists at four finalists. I mean, I don't know. I. Whittled it down to two names if I had to guess right now is mean that Harbaugh's not coming available down in Baltimore. I would think that it would be gay McCarthy. That's what I would think. I would think that they would want to hire somebody that has some head coaching chops in the NFL and understands how the league works. You get that and the youth with Adam gays, but also you get the percolate personality, of course. But with Mike McCarthy, you get the history, you get the experience, you get a guy that has done it for thirteen years who has been a part of a winning franchise and a legacy franchise and as worked well with the front office hasn't always been great, but he's been oil guy. So there's there's a lot of collect there too. So I know it's probably I would think going to be one of those guys unless they decided to go down the coordinator route again, do you remember the Adam gay sound it might have been ceelo that was in that day? But he was talking to someone was asked about Ryan tannehill. And he goes I'm sick of talking about this guy. Yes. That's but that's what I'm talking about. That's quarterback this guy. Right. I only call someone this guy in a derogatory look at this guy. I mean, are you kidding me with this guy? I mean, that's the type of guy you're getting an atom Gheysens sick of talking about this a little bit of like the impatience that I keep talking about that. I have I get a hit a little impatient. With guys guys that are hurt. Right. Right. Right. Like, you guys are a fluctuating down Aspen and Carmelo. Yes. Exactly. I can't handle by Bennie. But I just can't handle some of those personalities because I would want to be direct conflict with them. I mean, that's what happened with Todd Haley and Ben Rothlisberger. Ben Rothlisberger was being challenged by Todd Haley, and then guess what they acquiesced to Big Ben and said, okay, you're the man you run the team, which is essentially what's going on in Pittsburgh. And I think that there's a lot of I think there are a number of his teammates that really do not like the cart Balon show, if you would call it that that Ben Rothlisberger has oh it sounds like Green Bay a little bit too. But yeah, Todd Haley, though, I mean goes to Cleveland doesn't even make it through the season. So he was he was challenging you Jackson. Yeah. And then all of a sudden if you're challenging you Jackson the head coach at creates a dysfunction get rid of both of them. I mean, so I'm thinking about Adam gates and why he would be so annoyed with tannehill. I mean, probably because tannehill goes down. It's hurt. He's got to go through. Right. But I mean think about the frustrations he then he gets her at the beginning of the twenty seven. Seventeen season. And then he's got to go out and get Jay Cutler out of the FOX booth then Cutler goes down, and then you gotta play Matt Moore. And then tannahill is out. Then he's got Brock Osweiler in there that people are just answering about tannehill Tanna Tanna L. And he goes, I would tell you given all that crap that went home with him and his quarterback position that he was pretty successful. Yeah. I know I know the I mean, you you told me before that that he got into an argument with the owner. I mean, that's a little. Christopher johnson. He's saying do I want to hire a guy who's going to be fighting with me? I don't know. I think that you'll you'll learn you always learn you move on. And you learn and you gotta figure out how to make this thing work. And I think there has to be a lie. If you as a coach is going are going to be asking your players to be selfless unselfish and committed to one another. Then I think, you know, as the coach you have to be that way with the people that you work with not only on your staff, but in the front offices about the business side and the football side. And of course, the owner you have to be willing to make it work. Yeah. I mean, if I'm hiring the best guy for Sam darnold, and I watched that press conference were Adam gates said I'm sick and tired of answering questions about that. I mean is that the right guy for Sam darnold on? I know. But I kinda I kinda like I kinda like the prickly nature. You know, I do because I think he is going to hold people accountable. But at the end of the day jet fans may not be happy with that. Let's go to j Philly. Jay, what's happening brother AJ, Bloomberg? What's going on? Jay, how old are you? I'm thirty three. Okay. So what's happening? You guys are driving me crazy with this dot Jovan, Ingo and fireman. Ed represented jet fans 'cause they don't okay. These guys have dinosaur while they represent the older jet fan. Jay there are older jet fan. Just like they're younger jet fans. And we also had a guy from rob from Smithtown call who was a seventy seven year old jet fans. So you can't dismiss are you dismissing the older people in our lives j I shot, boomer. I'm not okay. But we're playing football in two thousand nineteen. Okay. And this idea that we gotta have an established guy Mike McCarthy. And Adam Dave you guys both got let go because their players didn't like him anymore. Okay. They were failing. And now we want to go with these guys. I mean, the firemen had lost all credibility with me when he said he liked Mike McCann, Mike McKay. Good GS. I mean, the jets. A chance to make a choice here. That's forward thinking and doing this. Well. Ridiculous. Jay, you're in Philly. I'm going to give you an example from Philadelphia. Right. So Andy Reid. Well, Andy Reid moves on from there for what young innovate younger innovative guy'd, turn the NFL on its ear and chip Kelly. Chip Kelly goes in their blows that thing up to the point where it's like, no one knows what the hell's going on. And then they hire a guy over Andy Reid staff. Philadelphia that they had they had Bill. And then this guy goes in and wins the Super Bowl is going back in the playoffs. So I mean, sometimes the the young creative offensive. I'm gonna change anything guide as a workout. But I don't want to who. Do you want though? I want Matt rule I want. He's one of the cliches being thrown out there at right now is we got we need a CEO type. This guy's a program builder. He wanted temple temple. He went down to Baylor. Over a terrible situation won seven games in the ball game with them last year. That's the guy's a college coach at one year as an assistant in the NFL. He's a college coach in the history of the college coach doesn't always work out. So I mean, that's the thing. You gotta be you. Gotta be worried about that. I don't know retreads doesn't work out. It's not necessarily not necessarily say whoever gets his job. It's gonna work out you want to know why. Because they have finally a freaking quarterback. They take a build a team around. That's why they need. GM who can put pieces around him out while they then they're going to have ninety million dollars in free agency money to spend. And they're going to have a high draft pick the second of Joe beningo the dinosaur. Joe's guy called you a dinosaur garbage garbage talking. What am I stick a source? What am I here? What.

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