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Variance of a robot you have to use human pussai fascinating and it's kind of shrouded in mystery this fictional company that provides sondra to people i i mean we don't even you don't even know how she does like whoa form she comes in like as she'll box in people's roof you do hear a little bit about that later on because i think i've listened to a few more upsets you have later point helen gets moved into the customer service section where people do actually know that they're speaking to a human as opposed to thinking that talking to a robot and they're asking questions like how do i make it work and she answers one call from someone who's like how do i make it work i thought people were just like saying to the endre do this but nothing's happening and what device are you using on and he's like i needed device and then she explains this is actually as they are now like you can install sandra on your phone or on your smart tv or on your like she calls are home pot by dot psych but that code interesting so i think it's meant to be very very similar to what we have in this world now helena lead character doesn't really know much about how the company works but it's very much posited so of like a better alternative to the life that she could otherwise have so she says at one point like you know what would these people rather be doing than working here flipping burgers essentially will.

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