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Dot com. I'm Rhonda Dirac, senior Trump administration officials insist there's no micromanaging a new FBI background check of supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh adding thorough investigation. I actually think we'll be a blessing in disguise President Trump says he expects threatened Cavanaugh will come through the FBI is renewed background investigation. Just fine. And he told reporters Saturday, frankly, the FBI has a chance to reveal a lot of different things, but press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders maintains the White House is leaving it up to the Senate to determine the scope of the investigation. And she tells Fox News Sunday, this can't become a fishing expedition. Like, the Democrats would like to see it. Sanders says the president will listen to the facts, but she's confident no new information will be uncovered Ben Thomas Washington, an early warning system that could have prevented some deaths in the soon NAMI that hit an Indonesian island on Friday stalled in the testing phase. This is a system that could. Could speed up pink. Give more Florida information about about me threats, then that's being developed with funding from the National Science shoots in the US. Total of three million over the past few years, but the prototype has school. Correspondent Steven Wright says a high tech system of seafloor sensors and a fiber optic cable. It's been in the works for about five years. It was meant to replace a system set up after an earthquake soon. Nami killed nearly two hundred fifty thousand people in the region back in two thousand four. Meanwhile, rescuers are struggling to reach victims in.

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