Elon Musk, Tesla, Mr. Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Immediate word on just two. Holes, that winning ticket there was a second winner however in Florida who won a secondary prize of two million dollars and a. Winner in Georgia of a one million dollar prize yesterday's winning numbers were five forty three fifty. Six sixty two sixty eight and Powerball twenty four the lump sum payment, before taxes will be about one hundred and forty seven million dollars for the winner. Of Saturday's jackpot because there was a jackpot winner, the, amount, resets. To forty million for next Wednesday straw tesla CEO Elon Musk is facing to lawsuits that claim be made false statements to boost the company's. Stock price complaints claim Elon, Musk saw mislead, investors when he said on Twitter, this, past, week he had success Cured funding. To take the electric car company private that announcement, immediately, boosted, Tesla's. Stock but those gains have mostly been raced the lawsuits filed Friday in San Francisco by investors say musk and tesla violated federal securities law by scheming to artificially inflate, the stock's price, I'm Kerry shoemaker President. Trump called attorney general Jeff Sessions scared stiff and missing in action on Saturday in his latest broadside on Twitter against the nation's top law enforcement officer the. Attack on the attorney general came as Mr. Trump claimed the news media refuses, to report on meetings held between Christopher Steele, the expedition officer who authored an opposition research dossier on Trump.

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